Improving Trade Monitoring by using RPA in Fraud Detection

The pool of financial services offered to customers and engaged by the common public in today’s digital world demands a sophisticated system to collect, connect and collaborate data seamlessly. This is a reason that banking organizations are stepping up to uplevel their automation game and offer the service as per the [...]

It’s the Conversational AI’s Era, Disrupting All Industries

Automation and artificial intelligence have the potential to drastically disrupt the way we live and work today. Everyone is affected by the rise of technology, from CEOs and commercial banks to fashion businesses and even miners. Experts predict that by 2055, half of the employment that exists today will be automated. [...]

The Power Of Chatbots For The Banking Industry

As the business dynamics go roller-coaster in the banking industry, customer expectations are changing at an unprecedented rate. Even though digital or app-based banking and RPA in banking & financial services have taken over the BFSI industry, the tech-savvy customers want more – they want to progress towards a seamless banking [...]

The Role Of RPA In Streamlining Bank Reconciliation Process

A large number of financial organizations invest most of their time in managing things. Irrespective of the size, location, and the number of transactions in question, the scenario remains the same throughout when it comes to checking and matching transactions manually, preparing and posting journals to complete the required bank reconciliations. Although [...]

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Conversational AI to Transform the Fintech Industry

The fintech industry has seen a drastic change in its service operations due to less employee productivity, increased online fraud, and enhanced risk assessments. And with rising competition in the market, the BFSI industry no longer wants to limit abilities to traditional automation. Hence, the necessity to adopt conversational technology and [...]

Automation Takes Over the Risks of Underwriters to Create a Stout Loan Management System

The necessity for insurance companies to appropriately deploy their underwriting resources is becoming more apparent. Any insurance company can boost its efficiency and profitability by simply leveraging relevant technologies to ease out the overburdened, risk-prone processes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) may help with underwriting leakage by allowing underwriting resources to be [...]

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10 Most Automated Processes in the Banking Industry

RPA for the banking industry is like a match made in heaven. With robotics, all the mundane, labor-intensive, rule-based, repetitive tasks across the banking sector can be automated using simple software bots. By implementing pre-programmed rules, software bots automate high-volume business processes to optimize costs, improve operational accuracy, and assure improved [...]

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Automate Credit Card Processing to Enhance Customer Experience

As more and more countries push their initiatives related to a cashless economy, the payment card industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. However, the current industry is crippled with its own set of challenges. In this article, we will have a closer look at how [...]

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