AutomationEdge Virtual Agent for SAP

Organizations are adding new technologies to the automation like AI, ML and NLP to move beyond the RPA. With conversational AI and NLP technology they understand the natural language and automate the tasks. The speech enabled application, can perform the interactions like a human between user and the computer. Enterprise virtual [...]

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Intelligent Automation Technologies To Have Most Impact On Digital Businesses in 2020

With the rising competition in the market, enterprises today no longer want to limit their abilities to traditional automation. In the latest technology trend, organizations are looking for the intelligent automation tools to solve business challenges, increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy which results in a benefit to the organization. CIO’s and [...]

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Chatbot And Virtual Assistant, Are They Different?

Artificial Intelligence is making huge waves in virtually every industry around the world. The idea that technology can directly interact with customers, give them the information they need and even address some of their challenges are both intriguing and exciting. Consequently, terms like AI Chatbots, Robot, and Virtual Agent (Assistant) are [...]

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How AI Chatbot Is Transforming Customer Care industry

The success of any business lies in its Customer relationship management strategies. With the advancement of cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence, chatbot, natural language processing (NLP), intelligent automation of customer care services has become priority for businesses. AI has been integrated within the platforms that aid in the smooth running of [...]

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