F3 stands for Free, Feature Rich and Fast. Unlike typical approach of offering scaled down version of the product as free version, we provide all the features that are available in our paid version in the F3 RPA Bot. You will get ONE AutomationEdge Robot Agent along with other standard features and components of AutomationEdge – Robot controller and orchestrator, developer studio, security, audit trail, reports and dashboard, self-service catalog console, scheduler, etc.

No. F3 RPA Bot is not a trial version of our product. You can use F3 RPA Bot for development, test or in production. You get all the components of paid version of AutomationEdge along with one Robot Agent in F3 RPA Bot. You will get to use F3 RPA Bot year over year as per EULA terms. You will not have to worry of trial license expiring in few months while using feature rich RPA product.

Yes. You can use F3 RPA Bot in production. You will also get support incase you face any challenges in productionizing your bot.

The on-cloud version of AutomationEdge is a true SaaS offering which we call as RPAaaS (RPA as a Service). We host the AutomationEdge instance for you and do all maintenance activities like upgrades, patches, etc. for you. You only have to download the Robot and Developer Studio and you can start automating. On-premise – as the name suggests – is the installation that will be done within your premises and it will be your responsibility to maintain the product as well as the infrastructure it is running on.  All components of AutomationEdge will be running in your premises or datacenters.

The F3 RPA Bot unlike most other vendors in the market is a not a toned-down version but a feature rich bot. That being said, the table below gives you some key differentiators and similar points:

AutomationEdge has global clientele. 7 of Forbes Global 2000 companies are using AutomationEdge. Our clients have achieved wide scale adoption of RPA in their organizations. Many of our clients are using upwards of 100 bots and achieve automation in front office, back office, middle office and IT operations

Yes. You can switch from AutomationEdge F3 RPA Bot to paid AutomationEdge RPA bots. You just need to apply new license. You do not need to change any workflows or AutomationEdge software setup.

AutomationEdge video trainings and tutorials are made available for you to get started quickly. We offer web-based trainings regularly. You can join those training FREE of cost. We provide remote assistance in case you need help during development, testing or production movement of workflows using email, phone calls or web conference. The product support for F3 RPA Bot is provided on email and through AutomationEdge community.
Yes, you will always have the latest and the most secured version of AutomationEdge that is available at the time. In case of on-premise deployment, the user will have to update the instance (support will be available) while if you choose on-cloud version, we will take care of updates for you.

AutomationEdge F3 RPA Bot

AutomationEdge RPA Tool User Interface


AutomationEdge is the only RPA solution to be recognized in both the Gartner Market Guides for IT Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation reports.


AutomationEdge is the only RPA solution to be recognized in both the Gartner Market Guides for IT Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation reports.

AutomationEdge RPA Tool User Interface


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