RPA in Healthcare Industry

Streamline Patients Processes by Reducing Inefficiencies with Automation

RPA in Healthcare Industry

Streamline Patients Processes by Reducing Inefficiencies with Automation

Studies have revealed that the healthcare industry spends a whopping $2.1 billion every year to automate all error-prone and poorly performed manual tasks around data management alone! So, undoubtedly, automation and RPA has unimaginable scope in the healthcare industry, considering the possibility of automating not just data management but other key functionalities as well.

From patient management to claims settlement and billing – all aspects of the healthcare industry can be effectively managed with the touch of automation. Every manual process suffers from errors, unmanageable silos, inefficient functioning, and inaccurate data management.

The entire healthcare industry is swiftly moving towards automated interactions and data management, powered by RPA, so the players who fail to keep up with these industry trends will eventually face financial downfall. So to uphold the customer loyalty, enrich customer experience, and enhance competitive advantage – RPA and automation adoption is the key force.

RPA can reduce inefficiency by automating complex actions based on research, data, and judgment. RPA offer a seamless execution of complex front office tasks such as:

Pain Care Physicians Enhances Patient
Experience with Automation

Pain Care Physicians was struggling to update patient’s records manually to Updox from paper-based documents received through Fax and send document to EHR.

With the help of AutomationEdge RPA and OCR capabilities, Pain Care Physicians has automated the manual process to reduce patient’s wait time with 75% reduction in manual efforts and 95% process accuracy.

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What is Making the Healthcare Giants Struggle?

The healthcare giants are facing overwhelming demand, so to manage the huge amount of associated data effectively is troublesome. The major challenges faced by the healthcare industry are:

The Impact of RPA in the Healthcare Industry

AutomationEdge for Skedulo
and EHR Systems

Benefits of Leveraging RPA in the Healthcare Industry

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