AutomationEdge CareFlo for Home Care and Healthcare

Reimaging the Patient Care for Agencies and Hospitals with AI and Automation Cloud

Organizations That Trusts Us

Organizations That Trusts Us

AutomationEdge CareFlo for Home Care Agencies

Home health teams today face unnecessary inefficiencies. Outdated technology and disjointed systems have burdened home health agencies for decades. It’s high time to reimagine how teams handle their colossal administrative workload.

Countless hours are wasted on mundane, repetitive tasks, leading to staff burnout, subpar patient outcomes, decreased revenue recognition, and glaring operational inefficiencies. Enter AutomationEdge CareFlo, your AI and automation solution tailored for Homecare and Healthcare. With CareFlo, home health agencies can bid farewell to administrative hassles, enabling teams to perform at the pinnacle of their professional licenses.

AutomationEdge CareFlo for Home Care Agencies

AutomationEdge CareFlo for Home Care Agency Processes

CareFlo is set of are ready-to-use automation solutions for your repetitive and voluminous tasks.

AccentCare Reduces 70% of TAT in EMR Scheduler- Patient Visit Assignment

“With AutomationEdge’s RPA so far we have generated 1.2 million worth of annual cost savings with vaccine and EHR automation. The best part of our automation story was that we could achieve a 70% TAT reduction in EMR scheduler- patient visit assignment and 80% in tablet asset management record TAT.”

Jason Woodford
Director – Enterprise Automation,

AutomationEdge CareFlo for Healthcare

Healthcare automation entails the development of a comprehensive technological system designed to streamline various processes within healthcare organizations, spanning from administrative duties to clinical workflows. Healthcare institutions have the power to automate tasks such as billing, claims processing, Electronic Health Records (EHR) management, patient scheduling, and numerous other processes.

By entrusting automation to manage the manual and repetitive aspects of healthcare operations, healthcare providers can channel their energy towards enhancing patient care with precision and efficiency.

Transforming Patient care with
Automation in Healthcare Processes

Integrate and Automate Healthcare & Home Care Application Processes


Integrate and Automate Healthcare & Home Care Application Processes

University of Maryland Medical System reduced 90% wait time for 60,000 employees with automation.

“Having AutomationEdge expertise to guide us during the three months of transformation,we were able to handle 2000+password reset calls using RPA bot effortlessly and achieved 99% of success rate.”

Dale Wells
Director of ITSM & Customer Support,
The University of Maryland Medical System

Benefits of Leveraging RPA in the Healthcare Industry

Productive workforce with less burnout due to high volume repetitive tasks

Reduced errors in patient information with automated data entry process

Instant access of patient data to healthcare providers for better care

Accelerate clinical workflows, reducing patient waiting times and enhanced care

Automated record-keeping ensures accurate & compliant documentation

Easily scalable, allowing providers to expand without proportional overhead

Conversational AI & IT automation give rich experience to your employees

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