AutomationEdge self-service password
reset for Remedy

Enabling end users to self-reset their accounts rather than calling you!!

Analysts have sited that around 30% – 50% of help desk calls are related to password reset. Moreover laws and regulations such as PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA have reviewed password requirements and now encourage or demand greater complexity. Resetting passwords wastes enormous amount of time and money resulting in end user frustration, customer dissatisfaction and compliance vulnerabilities.

The Solution

AutomationEdge self-service password reset solution empowers users to reset their passwords from within BMC Remedy or Remedyforce. For users who perform all their IT tasks in BMC Remedy or Remedyforce, they can do so for password reset as well by using this integration. AutomationEdge supports two factor authentication and mobile SMS.

How does it work?

End users click on the AutomationEdge Password Reset app in the self-service Remedy / Remedyforce portal to initiate a password reset. The password reset propagates all the way into the directory to which the end user belongs — Active Directory or LDAP. Users can reset password using Remedy / Remedyforce public page or by sending SMS from their registered mobile. A colleague can also reset the password on behalf of a user.

Benefits for IT

  • Reduce helpdesk volume due to forgotten passwords
  • Deliver a modern service experience with immediate response
  • Provide a consistent user experience for all end user IT requests
  • Significantly reduce IT service requests by leveraging Remedy / Remedyforce
  • Ensure policy compliance and security

Benefits for end users

  • Control over own user account
  • No wait times, emails, phone calls, between users and the support staff
  • Digital workplace experience

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