A ITSM system ticket data can give you invaluable insights into your organization trends, usage patterns, systems behaviors, etc. Most of the times, this can help you identify automation candidates, optimize usage and reduce costs.

However, due to the sheer quantity and complexity of data, it becomes difficult to get significant insights from the ticket dump. If not done properly, you risk losing out on some of the most promising trends further risking a business growth dragged behind by IT.

AutomationEdge AI-Powered Ticket Analysis for AI Readiness

With the help of proprietary intelligent algorithms using the latest deep leaning and neural network mechanisms, we can help you get actionable insights from your ticket dump irrespective of its size or complexity. The intelligent ticket analysis solution can help you understand your data from various parameters like true category of tickets, automation potential across service requests, incidents and enquiries , knowledge document needs and so on. You will get a report with all these details along with potential solutions.

This data discovery for IT ticket data will highlight the automation candidates and chart out a path for your automation journey. Our proprietary models have been trained using millions of tickets of diverse nature making sure that you get the best possible analysis based on the data provided by you.

What AutomationEdge Can Do?

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