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The web has become a central and integral part of today’s world of technology. More and more providers and systems are switching to the cloud and web-based applications as we evolve in this digitally transforming era. This shift to web gives organizations a unique capability of seamless portability as well as ability to access data from anywhere using cloud technology. What this also means is that there is an abundant scope for web and UI automation in the current industry state.

UI Automation is one of the key features of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Using UI automation, you can automate many mundane tasks with ease, efficiency and accuracy. These activities have a set of repetitive tasks that follow a set of rules.

AutomationEdge has  the ability to do Web UI Automation without writing a  complex code. You can simply choose from exhaustive portfolio of UI Automation plugins and automate use case in designer tool by using the drag-n-drop approach. These plugins are not only easy to use but also extremely powerful and flexible which allow you to deal with even complex use cases with ease.

Why AutomationEdge

Major use cases like data entry, data extraction, uploading & downloading of files, looping through tables, switching windows, etc. will be just a click away using AutomationEdge webUI technology

Playback accuracy

Playback accuracy

Automation works perfectly regardless of the browser version, screen position, platform, devices and size

Compatible with all web languages

Compatible with all web languages

Compatible with HTML, Flash, Silverlight, AJAX, Java

No Coding Required

No coding required

Create automation using ready available adaptors in designer tool

Automated Data entry

Automated Data entry

Automate data entry in excel spreadsheets or in website

Easy web testing

Create reliable test on browser without programming knowledge which improves customer experience

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