SAP Automation Solution

With Cognitive Technologies

SAP Automation Solution

With Cognitive Technologies

SAP Automation using AutomationEdge

These days, managing data has become a crucial for any organization as most of the industries need latest and accurate data which will keep their business floating with competitive market. SAP ERP is one of the reliable source to manage business operations for any size.

With SAP Automation using AutomationEdge, stakeholders gain more visibility, control of processes, increased efficiency, enhanced reliability and reduced costs.

Customers who are using AutomationEdge SAP automation have noticed almost zero errors in their back end which will reduce the cost for rework

SAP Automation with cognitive capabilities

Automate SAP ERP Processes

Process transparency and auditability
lowers the risk of business compliance liability

Saves time and meets the SLA due to
Fewer errors and less rework

100% control over processes and
SAP workflows

70% Reduced Time

Reduces manual effort

Reduces process errors and increases
SAP performance

Requires no coding changes to
core IT  systems

Candidates for SAP Automation

Automating SAP and Non-SAP Processes using RPA

Automating SAP and Non-SAP Processes

SAP business processes are the front line of your business—streamlining
everything from manufacturing and service, to sales and finance. However,
they typically extend beyond SAP to other systems which may reside on-
premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. The complexity of this IT
landscape creates processing errors and delays that frustrate customers.

AutomationEdge IntelligentRPA for SAP Automation enables your organization
to optimize SAP system processing and integrate SAP systems with non-SAP
systems connecting the business processes they support. This Intelligent
business process automation platform enables SAP clients to significantly
improve processing performance, create new levels of agility to drive the
business forward in its digital transformation.

Streamlining Data Entry with Existing Integrated Platforms

Data entry is a time consuming and error prone job. Organizations use multiple applications for different departments and operations. Rise in digital transformation has made data a critical component in any organization. Many different applications need to integrate and communicate to process this data. Some of these applications may not integrate. In such cases data transfer is done manually. Manual data transfer leads to errors and consumes a lot of time.
AutomatingEdge can help you automate such process and transfer data from other systems without manual intervention.

What can we automate?

  • SAP automated data entry
  • Legacy application integration
  • Content migration
Process Automation for Streamlining Data Entry with Existing Integrated Platforms

Use Cases for SAP Automation using AutomationEdge

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