RPA in Banking & Financial Services
Make Workplace More Productive with RPA and AI

RPA in Banking & Financial Services
Make Workplace More Productive with RPA and AI

Trusted by Leading Banking and Financial Firm Globally

Trusted by Leading Banking and Financial Firm Globally

Success Stories for Banking and Finance Automation

Error Free Data Processing

TAT Reduction in Reconciliation Process

Business Process Automated

HDFC Bank Transformed 15+ Business Process with AutomationEdge RPA

AutomationEdge RPA bots enabled HDFC bank to automate 15+ business process and elevate the automation infrastructure of the bank. Using AutomationEdge RPA decreased the manual dependency and reduced the turnaround time in performing banking process.

Intelligent Automation in Banking and Finance Industry

In this digital age, banking and financial institutions is one of the first to adapt to new technology. Digital systems are already making a difference in front-end and back-end services. With AI and Machine Learning, RPA solutions can put thinking to work, making them more helpful. Banking institutions have a huge scope of automation due to a large number of manual and mundane processes. With RPA, banking institutions can streamline processes and relieve resources from mundane work. AutomationEdge can give differentiating factors to banking and financial institutions by freeing up talent from repetitive work. It provides operational efficiency and reduces costs with increased compliance. AutomationEdge reduces implementation costs with its simple and faster implementation process. AutomationEdge shows ROI from the first quarter.

Challenges for Banks and Financial Institutions

Huge number of manual processes

Huge number of manual processes

Banking industry is largely dependent on manual processes. Such a large number of manual processes slow down the process, increasing execution time and inefficiencies.

Strict regulatory and compliance rules

Strict regulatory and compliance rules

Being the most impactful industry for any economy, banking is strictly regulated and has to be compliant to many rules. Failing which can lead to huge issue.

Back office inefficiencies

Back office inefficiencies

Banking system has worked on paper based manual processes for a very long time which has held back its growth. Huge customer information is collected on paper forms which need to be entered in systems increasing manual work.

Multiple outdated legacy systems

Multiple outdated legacy systems

The early adoption of technology in Banks and financial institutions has now left them with legacy systems which do not integrate with new systems. AutomationEdge RPA can integrate systems irrespective of their compatibility enabling information accessible between systems.

RPA Use Cases in Banking and Finance

Claims Processing

Streamline Claims Processing with RPA by validating information autonomously from multiple systems without integration and zero error.

Account Opening

Accelerate account opening process by using RPA with OCR to read the information from KYC documents autonomously and complete account opening process in seconds

Credit Underwriting

Generate credit report faster by using RPA to communicate with multiple internal and external systems to get the information and process it further.

Anti-Money Laundering

Get real time transaction monitoring and reporting with RPA to avoid fraud and generate alerts in case of any fraudulent activities

KYC Process

Extract information from KYC documents faster using RPA with OCR technology and save thousands of man hours and save million of dollars.


Get data-driven insights all across the system and process to maintain the regulatory compliance and get better with audit report generation

Benefits of RPA in Banking and Finance

In the digital transformation era, banking and financial organizations are already accelerating their automation efforts to scale their process. RPA can be a good accelerator to maximize process efficiency and create a better workplace experience by giving the manual process to bots and automation tools. Some of RPA in banking benefits includes-

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RPA in the banking industry is the process of automating manual and repetitive processes. Using AI, RPA can be strengthened to perform various other banking activities that require decision-making.

To implement RPA in banking first start choosing the perfect fit business process, select a vendor as per your business requirements, educate your employees and enhance their skills and start small with RPA.

With automation in the banking process, organizations can reduce operational costs, enhance customer experience, get better with data security, and make customer query resolution a lot easier.

To start with automation in banking first don’t choose the 100% test automation, start small, set a realistic goal as it’s a gradual process, explore the new era of applications to automate, and make sure what not to automate.

Banking automation is allowing banking and financial services to get speed, accuracy, and ease of use in the banking process with better outcomes. As the RPA bot performs manual and repetitive tasks, banking employees are free to focus on decision-making tasks or processes.

The cost of RPA in the banking industry entirely depends on different numbers, the complexity of intelligent software agents, vendor pricing, bot configuration, and maintenance efforts. Multiple RPA vendors offer consumption/subscription-based pricing that can be used by banking leaders as per their requirements.

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