CogniBot Virtual Agent for Business
AutomationEdge ETL and iPaaS

CogniBot Virtual Agent for Business
AutomationEdge ETL and iPaaS

AI Chatbot with Automation & Integration Capabilities
for Employees and Customers

AutomationEdge CogniBot is AI service available on cloud and on-premise. CogniBot applies machine learning intelligence to conversational text to understand the user intent.. CogniBot allows you to generate dialog without needing to write single line of code. It has ability to help you build industry-specific skills with effective disambiguation. CogniBot supports different channels including web, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook, Email and many more.

Now your employees, customers and partners can use chatbot to check invoice status, leave balance and order a new service with combined strengths of conversational AI, RPA, workflows and API integration in AutomationEdge platform.

Advantage with AutomationEdge AI Chatbot + RPA

AI Powered RPA Capabilities

AutomationEdge has integrated Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to handle less predictable queries in natural language, requests and workflows.

Virtual Assistant can also integrate with backend systems such as CRM and HRMS to provide personalized responses to customers and employees. Our AI engine is built to learn from experiences which help it to become more efficient and effective with time.

With the help of RPA, virtual assistant can automate complete tasks to provide better experience to users.

What Can CogniBot Do?

  • Rich Experience – Fast, efficient and accurate resolution and next step suggestions to query increases the user experience and trust

  • Empower Team – Request assignment and repetitive queries can be automated to free teammates for critical tasks

  • Availability – Virtual assistants are available round the clock without breaks to attend user queries in need

  • Follow up – Query status updates and customer follow ups can be automated to increase user satisfaction.

Give frictionless experience to customers with Self-Service Chatbot

Virtual Assistant for your Business

Instant resolution to your customer or internal employee issues automatically, freeing up team for more complex and business critical tasks.

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