HR Automation Solution
With Cognitive Technologies

HR Automation Solution With Cognitive Technologies

HR Automation

It is troublesome for HR to convey essential focus when staff individuals are covered in everyday, dull and tedious assignments. AutomationEdge can bolster all the ordinary HR and Finance operational difficulties; there are well-ordered procedures which rely on various frameworks. The tedious task which is administered based on step by step methods and requires time and exertion (e.g., finance). Exactness disappointment in information preparing mistakes and information compliance issues (e.g., contrasts in HR and Finance information)

The enormous favorable position of AutomationEdge is that robots can utilize the current frameworks and procedures. In this way, no noteworthy interest in the substitution of HR or Finance frameworks is required. Robots are especially useful in forms that need a considerable measure of information handling. Run of the mill assignments for robots includes: gathering information from XLS records or frameworks, running reports, replicating information, checking information for fulfillment, perusing, handling and submitting messages, entering data in HR or Finance frameworks and pre-populating shapes.

HR Process Automation

HR Process Automation with RPA tools

RPA in Employee Management

Automation Use Cases

Time And Cost Saving



of cost savings compared to an offshore based FTE


of HR rules-based processes can be automated


of HR employees’ time is spent on repetitive tasks

Robust Solution

Benefits of RPA in human resource automation

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