Cognitive Capabilities

RPA Tool Machine Learning capabilities

Machine Learning 

One can build and deploy machine learning data models as a part of RPA and IT automation workflows using the AutomationEdge Process Studio. Process Studio has out of the box plugins that allows you to easily integrate your existing machine learning scripts or add one to the workflow. You can also use the pr-existing algorithms from AutomationEdge to build required data models.

AutomationEdge can be used for classification of tickets, documents, sentiment analysis and many other scenarios.

Chatbot and NLP 

AutomationEdge has a built-in integration with many conversational platforms. One can get seamless integration between enterprise and chat applications with AutomationEdge for automated fulfillment of requests from business operations and IT users. Chatbots can now be used for various purposes like Password Reset, FAQs, raising service requests,  incidents, etc.

AI and NLP powered RPA Chatbot

RPA-as-a-Service & RPA on Premise

RPA as a Service & RPA on Premise

AutomationEdge is available on premise and RPA on cloud – as a service (RaaS). AutomationEdge server is hosted in the cloud it is the first company in the world to offer RPA-as-a-service. This helps you to automate your business operations and IT automation workloads without worrying about the setting up and maintaining RPA platform.

Process Studio

Robotic process automation Process Studio

AutomationEdge process studio offers drag-and-drop capabilities that eliminate need to write any manual program or script. The AutomationEdge process studio has a rich library of adaptors to access, prepare, and blend data from disparate data sources and enterprise applications. That helps in integrating different applications, manipulate data, and perform decisions and calculations.
A developer or a business analyst can use this process studio to create objects graphically without any coding. The AutomationEdge Process Studio allows the developer or the user to graphically define the process flow by creating each step of the process without any need for coding.

Robot Farm

AutomationEdge is an Enterprise grade robotic process automation solution, where robot farm architecture helps you flexibly create, deploy, and manage thousands of software bots as per your business needs.
AutomationEdge robotic process automation offers horizontal scaling and centralized control, meaning each robot can work on multiple processes at a time.

RPA solution Robot Farm

Self Service Catalog

True self service with intuitive
interface for users of automation

  • Self -Service catalog to request and initiate business process

  • Self-Service catalog for employees, branch staff, partners

  • Makes backend fulfillment automatic or semi-automatic

  • True self-service to your internal and external customers

Self Service Catalog for process automation

Experience Hyperautomation Platform for IT and Business