Robotic Process Automation for BPO
(Call Centers) Industry

Robotic Process Automation for BPO
(Call Centers) Industry

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is always looking for high-degree of productivity at reduced cost. IT-BPM sector becomes the largest employers who are employing 3.5 million professionals. BPO industry has started adopting Robotic process automation (RPA) technologies instead on-shoring and off-shoring of the resources as they realize the difficulty in managing the workforce.

RPA and AI can reduce BPO’s operating costs, generate more revenue by effective usage of the workforce and enhance customer experience with meeting SLA’s. RPA can drastically increase the productivity as robots can work 24/7 without any break.

In addition to automating the repetitive, rule-based back office tasks efficiently and accurately, customers who leverage RPA also experience better security, audit, analytics and governance. Tedious and time consuming tasks like report generation, audits and data analysis can also be done using RPA. On automating such tasks, manual errors can also be avoided with increased SLAs.

Customers are investing in RPA technologies not only to improve efficiency and accuracy while cutting costs but business advisors, technical team and decision makers can spend their time to improve business processes.

Benefits for BPO’s by Implementing RPA

Benefits for BPO’s by Implementing RPA

Improve customer experience by meeting SLA’s

BPOs are resolving the requests by automation and AI within time which meets the SLA and improves customer experience.

Improved quality by reducing human errors

Automation has improved the quality of work with reduced human errors.

Process improvements

In BPO’s the processes will execute without fail as per schedule and thus will improve with the experience.

Cost Saving and increased productivity

Faster completion of tasks with reduced cost by automating the repetitive, mundane tasks. Bots can work 24/7 without fail.

Redeployment of resources in other quality work

Instead of human, bots can work on repetitive tasks where resources can concentrate on performing critical work.

More revenue generation

With reduced errors and increased productivity, BPOs can generate more revenue with same workforce.

Flexibility and Scalability

Digital workforce can be very flexible and easily scaled on demand. This gives BPO industry confidence in getting new projects without on bench human workforce.

RPA Use Cases in BPO industries

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