Excel Automation

Excel is a powerful, efficient and user-friendly application for data storing, calculating, organizing and report generation purposes. No doubt this application became very popular from small-scale industry to corporate organizations as there is a continuous need to access, analyze, retrieve, calculate, manipulate and report real-time data on a daily basis. However, sometimes integrating excel with other application becomes tedious. Even for many repetitive tasks like Data retrieval, extraction, migration, Import and Export, etc. automation is required to avoid this repetitiveness in any activities.

With AutomationEdge, Excel automation has become very simple, it reduces manual errors; eliminates repetitive and time-consuming work. Moreover, it is ten times faster than other tools and does not require a screen. AutomationEdge executes at backend without any software. It is a flexible tool which works with any spreadsheet format with different header styles and positions of columns.

Excel Automation

Why AutomationEdge for Excel Automation

Does not need a screen

  • Does not require a screen for Excel/Spreadsheet automation

  • Much faster processing

  • 100% Background processing

  • Increased multitasking

Does not need an installed software

  • No need for any software on machine

  • Saves on licensing cost

10X faster than the competition

  • High-speed processing

  • Eliminates the work of opening and closing a software

Format Agnostic

  • Works with any spreadsheet format

  • Works with multiple formats within the same process as well

Header Agnostic

  • Works with files having different column names/headers

  • Works with varying positions of columns across different worksheets

See It In Action

Excel Automation Use Cases

AutomationEdge is a user-friendly tool for Excel automation which uses simple and complex data to retrieve, manipulate, monitor and analyze regularly. Organizations are getting quick ROI with this automation along with reduction in time and increased reliability.

Import and export the data

Data extraction and migration

Comparing columns and deciding on outcome

Reading and writing data in Excel

Remove duplicate rows from Excel

Excel integration with other applications

Data Retrieving and creating own spreadsheet

Auto filling the data in web forms from Excel

Creating and running reports

Report generation from big data

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