The referrals are received by home care agencies through different channels including portals and online directories, healthcare providers, insurance providers, community organizations, agency websites, etc. Imagine a world where referrals seamlessly flow into your home care agency, are sorted, necessary checks are done automatically before accepting the referral, and administration and clinical staff are involved when necessary. Well, it’s possible with the power of automation and AI. So let’s step into the future with a referral management bot, your new secret weapon in conquering the chaos.

The Home Care Referral Challenges

The home care industry thrives on referrals, yet the process can be a tangled mess. Some of the common challenges include higher response time, calculation mistakes, validation errors, lost faxes, and endless phone calls – it’s enough to give any agency a headache. This translates to:

  • Missed Opportunities

    On average home care agencies receive a number of patient referrals in a day from referral portals and faxing systems. With the high volume of referral requests and with manual support in hand, home care agencies find it challenging to process the referrals fast. Delays in processing referral results can lead to lost clients and revenue.

  • Productivity Sinkhole

    After receiving the referral from the portals and faxes system, the referral admin has to review the patient details based on the criteria (Zip code, insurance/payer, patient order), check eligibility, accept/reject/review the referral, and update all the actions in the system. This manual data entry and chasing paperwork slow down operations and burden staff.

  • Dissatisfied Patients

    With this lengthy intake and processing times, patients are left waiting. This is impacting satisfaction and referrals.

How Does Referral Management Bot Help?

This AI-powered referral management bot helps in intake automation, patient information collection, referral triage & assessment, and episode creation.

  • Intake Automation

    Say goodbye to paper and manual efforts! Bots extract all patient information like Zip code, payer and patient order by logging into the referral portal and going through faxes.

  • Eligibility Check

    Once patient details are extracted, the referral bot verifies the insurance payer, ZIP code, and patient order to ensure patients receive the services they need without delay.

  • EMR Integration

    The referral bot seamlessly performs data exchange between the bot and your EMR system keeping everyone on the same page. Also, it instantly prioritizes urgent referrals, ensuring timely care for critical patients.

  • Automated Matching

    AI algorithms match patients with the perfect caregiver based on needs, skills, and location. create episodes instantly, ready for action. Additionally, the bot also updates referral status as decline/accept/reject.

Benefits for Home Care Agencies

Leveraging a referral management bot benefits home care agencies in more than just reducing administrative burdens. Some of the ways it benefits home care agencies are-

  1. Increase Match Success: Find the perfect provider every time, leading to happier clients and improved referrals.
  2. Increase in accepted referrals: with faster processing of referrals, there is an increase in business with more conversion of opportunities.
  3. Boost Productivity: Eliminate manual tasks and streamline operations, saving time and resources.
  4. Reduce Turnaround Time: Get patients connected with care faster, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Why Invest in a Referral Management Bot?

Investing in a referral management bot is an investment in your agency’s future. It helps in increasing business with faster acceptance of referrals, improves client satisfaction, saves time & resources, reduces the administrative burden on staff, and allows you to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional home care.

To help you focus on patient care AutomationEdge is at your service. It has built an AI and automation cloud for home care. Its referral management bot integrates easily with referral portals and other sources of referral. So say goodbye to referral chaos and hello to on-time patient care with AI cloud.