Post-pandemic healthcare organizations have been adopting automation technologies to accelerate the healthcare life cycle right from patient scheduling to claims initiation. And why not? Because whether it is patients or healthcare professionals, in the digital-driven era, convenience and ease of use is the foremost priority. But, what are new healthcare trends that are circulating, how are these healthcare trends gaining traction among healthcare providers, and in the way these trends can be leveraged to accelerate the business process? And how has the AutomationEdge RPA solution helped AccentCare, a US healthcare provider, accelerate its process efficiency and automation efforts?

The answer to all your questions is here in this article. Let’s wait no longer, this blog has excerpts from our webinar hosted by Siva Juturi, Chief Customer Officer, AutomationEdge, along with healthcare evangelist and panelist Jason Woodford, Director of Enterprise Automation, AccentCare, and Amanda Bergamo, Senior Director of Professional Services, Unity BPO.

Why RPA in Healthcare?

We all have seen how Covid has impacted both our personal and professional life, and the healthcare industry is no exception. But post-pandemic new challenges are encircling healthcare providers like

  • Shortage of skilled workers
  • Automation of a large number of manual processes across the healthcare
  • Adoption of multiple technology adoption
  • Change in Customer Preference from healthcare to homecare

As per the record, the homecare market is right now expected to grow to $340 billion by 2027. And this growing adoption of homecare preference is also driving other technologies like Telemedicine, revenue cycle management, and remote patient monitoring wearable devices, and that changes the uniformity of patient care experience. Siva Juturi, Chief Customer Officer of AutomationEdge, stated here that” Among all the capabilities and technology, another important thing to consider is offering “value-based care” that will eventually help in reducing healthcare cost that is still a big challenge for healthcare providers.
At this juncture, AutomationEdge is at the center of providing automation solutions and the capability to add value-based care to the healthcare process for the organizations like AccentCare.

How did AutomationEdge Help AccentCare Reduce 80% of Manual Work in Healthcare?

AccentCare is a US-based acute healthcare provider with over 45 years of industry experience, having a network of 31,000 qualified professionals at AccentCare who helps 2,00,000 patients in over 260 sites live healthier life. And most probably, they started their journey with RPA in Healthcare two years ago. As per Jason Woodford, “their automation journey indeed started with 14 big operational processes for end-to-end automation including from the departments like finance, HR, and others that have been taking a lot of manual effort in processing and executing them on time.” At AccentCare, we have been struggling with some healthcare challenges-

  • Integration of multiple systems for health record management
  • Referring patients and updating clinicians in cases of missed visits
  • Management of assets and record assignment
  • Clinician Tablet Automation

Considering the challenges that we were facing as healthcare providers, we need to have an automation partner that knows how to do these manual processes in a better way and faster, said Jason Woodford. Further, Jason Woodford elaborated that” AutomationEdge became our savior in creating a suit of bots that we call “Patient Transitions” to can help us in accelerating healthcare process efficiency for healthcare use cases like-

  • Patient & Employee Onboarding
  • Patient Referral Management
  • Homecare/Healthcare System

Indeed onboarding of AutomationEdge for AccentCare was a wild success as we achieved process efficiency without the addition of any healthcare staff and added value care for healthcare patients and employees as well.
In the same context, another evangelist, Amanda Bergamo, Senior Director of Professional Services, Unity BPO, has stressed that “ At Unity BPO is also looking for adoption of technologies in their organization to get the patient’s satisfaction and clinician’s satisfaction. Automating the repetitive process and time-consuming tasks, there is always an opportunity to give more ease and time to employees for focusing on value-based care. And as we are proceeding with automation capabilities, we are looking into a holistic view and approach of end-to-end automation instead of just adding a technology stick in the old process to get better benefits”.

Benefits of AutomationEdge RPA for AccentCare

As per Jason Woodford, Director of Enterprise Automation, AccentCare, the first benefit that AutomationEdge RPA in their healthcare organization was cost containment. was tremendous. At AccentCare, we believe cost containment is not only about letting employees but it is all about allocating the resources instead of hiring new resources and it is called cost avoidance.

AccentCare Testimonial video – Jason Woodford, Director – Enterprise Automation, AccentCare

  • So far, we have created bots that have generated 1.25 million worth of annual cost savings; that’s a kind of a huge KPI that my team has achieved using the AutomationEdge RPA solution.
  • Another benefit that the automation solution brought in for AccentCare is “speed delivery” in achieving the ability to offer our patients “homecare’ services in a time span of 48 hours.
  • Last but not least, there is another benefit that automation brings to AccentCare medical record management. On today’s date, using automation, we have processed 72000 individual faxes this year without any mistype and errors using bots.

At this juncture, Amanda Bergamo stressed a point that “however automation is a great opportunity to start with to remove erroneous processes and give employees ease of work, but security is another concern that must be taken care of while handling, reconciling and processing data across the system.

How does AutomationEdge Enable Secure Data Processing?

Cybersecurity is another concern that organizations have to keep taking care of while processing the data, and AutomationEdge makes sure that their clients, customers, and employee data is safe when they are using the platform. Siva Juturi, Chief Customer Officer, AutomationEge here stated how the AutomationEdge RPA platform is HIPPA-certified and makes sure that it offers secure data and audit of bots as per the usage and offers services as per customer requirements with better patient experience and ease of platform use.

So, are you up for healthcare automation? Then watch our webinar on-demand and learn how AutomationEdge helped AccentCare accelerate process efficiency and can help you to achieve the same.

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