Case Study

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Enhancing Support Experience with Service Desk Automation

Cadence is a leading multinational company that designs electronic design automation (EDA) software and has been providing engineering services from over 30 years.

Enhancing Support Experience with Service Desk Automation


Hours reduction on the average ticket resolution time


Increase in resolution rate of the service tickets


USD saved by automating service desk tickets.

After conducting an in depth root-cause analysis of the situation, the management agreed that a process optimization and automation solution is needed to eliminate the existing productivity gap. The power of automation could enable prompter ticket acknowledgement, assignment, and resolution – cementing all gaps or fixing all process loopholes.

Automation Goals

  • Reduce manual dependencies
  • Improve ticket resolution time

  • Lack of self-service portals
  • Reducing employee follow-ups for ticket resolution

Process Overview

For internal operation, the giant relies on Remedyforce, one of the most used IT service management tools. But, the lack of self-service portal allowed them to only sort 20% of around 20,000 to 30,000 tickets logged every month.

The management team swiftly analyzed and identified the problem areas as well as opportunities for improvement. It was determined that for handling a large number of users and the volume of tickets, a process optimization and automation solution is needed. Breaking down the problem into actionable priorities paved the way for process automation as the below use cases were identified:

  • Automation of employee onboarding and offboarding procedures
  • Automation of self-service alias and group management capability
  • Automation of the security compliance improvement for detection, remediation of compromised accounts

We have deployed AutomationEdge in many areas
of IT operations for great customer experience and compliance.
AutomationEdge is able address 40% of our tickets using
AI and Automation.

– Tushar Dingale, Senior IT Manager,
Automation Cadence Design Systems


Tushar Dingale shares his experience on
Enhancing Customer Experience using RPA