Case Study

Borden Dairy

Optimizing Shared Services using Robotic Process Automation

Borden Dairy is a subsidiary of Dean Foods. Headquartered in Dallas, it was established in 2009 and operates 12 milk processing plants and nearly 100 branches across the US.

Optimizing shared services using RPA


Reduction in report management time


Reduction in email data consolidation and reporting time


Reduction in PO tracking time


Reduction in invoice and ticket management time

Post the current shared services and automation assessment, various high-impact and voluminous business processes were identified across the functions. With the power of the RPA tool, processes like email data consolidation and reporting, ticket resolution, PO and invoice download and tracking, data sharing were automated and optimized.

Automation Goals

  • Optimize shared services
  • Reduce manual dependencies
  • Reduce data consolidation and reporting

  • Reduce ticket resolution time
  • Simplify data access and processing

Process Overview

Manual operations across shared services took a heavy toll on productivity by increasing the turnaround time in various processes.

Based on the assessment and identified use cases, RPA Bots were developed to help perform various actions across Shared Services functions.

AutomationEdge bot access the EDI portal at Borden Dairy to download reports, check the availability of bills and confirms payments across the system to send to the billing team for further processing.

AutomationEdge bot also checks and updates the status of all invoices, retrieves billing details on request, verifies the payment, sends the invoice to the vendor, helps in bank vendor reconciliation and payroll process.