AutomationEdge is a leading IT automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) product company which provides solutions to automate Service Desk tickets, IT & Business Processes. It reduces cost, manual error & fastens ticket resolution by automating repetitive tasks.

AutomationEdge offers IT Automation and Robotic Process Automation solution developed using cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, ETL, API, Machine Learning, NLP, and Chatbots. AutomationEdge helps you automate any manual, mundane and repetitive task. AutomationEdge is your Virtual Engineer in the cloud or on-premise environment.

IT Process Automation:

AutomationEdge IT Automation automates repetitive and routine IT tasks to reduce downtime and improve incident response and resolution. It offers advanced capabilities like RPA, chatbot, machine learning and rapid API integrations.

AutomationEdge Bots for IT Offers:

  • Library of 250+ ready actions for IT systems to automate common IT processes (e.g. employee on-boarding, end user support, data center operations) and tasks
  • Virtual assistant for IT, HR, ERP, CRM and Core business applications to serve existing customers and prospects
    • Employee Onboarding and Off-boarding: Creation/deletion of Domain User and Email box, add/modify distribution list etc.
    • Access management: Access to a shared folder, printers, database, software like HRMS, SVN, Salesforce etc.
    • Incident Resolution: Server restart, Service restart, disk clean-up, Password Reset etc.
    • Periodic backup of the database, File server, Event monitoring and health checks etc.


Business Process Automation:

Every organization has various business functions and each function has a set of processes, some of these processes have repetitive and rule-based tasks which are time-consuming and can be error-prone, if performed by humans.

AutomationEdge – Robotic Process Automation automates such repetitive data processes, like processing transactions, collating data, triggering responses, and integrating various disparate data systems. AutomationEdge – RPA and its intelligent automation ensures that all such operations across front office, middle office, back office and IT operations are done at faster speed and reduced cost with the highest accuracy.

  • Salary and claims processing, Reconciliation etc.
  • De-duplication for loan processing and fraud detection
  • Periodic reports/statements generation for customers
  • Quotation and Invoice generation