AutomationEdge – Community Contributor of the Month Contest

If you’re someone who’s inspired by technology and want to collaborate on projects that propel change in the real world, then AutomationEdge – Community Contributor of the Month Contest is the place for you to get recognized.

AutomationEdge- Community contributor contest will recognize one deserving developer every month for developing :

  • Plugins to connect to different systems

  • Workflows which can help IT or Business Operations

Please refer to examples mentioned below:

  • Application connector plugins that you can build: Components which enable AutomationEdge to interact with other applications.
    Example: Connector for Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Intune, Workday etc.

  • Workflows that you can build: Ready-made workflows that are built using existing plugins and which are reusable across organizations.
    Example: Workflow for reconciliation of bank transactions, onboarding of employees or customers, fraud detection, text extraction using machine learning and deep learning etc.

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