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AutomationEdge’s annual Summit is a celebration of automation, congregating some of the finest brains from technology and business.
The AutomationEdge Summit is a rich pool of knowledge, experience, wisdom and thought leadership. Join fellow pioneers to kick-off your automation journey, network and accelerate your path to the Digital enterprise of the future.

AutomationEdge’s previous Summit conducted in 2017 brought participation from industry leading experts from various sectors and business practices. Over 200 digital enablers participated in a day of brain-storming and networking

Glimpse at AutomationEdge User World Summit 2019

Key Themes

Intelligent Automation in the Banking, Insurance and Finance industry: Lessons learned & best practices

The do-more-with-less culture fostered by a slow economy is pushing enterprises to look for ways to boost productivity. This is especially true of the financial services industry where banks have to continually evolve to keep up with customer expectations and counter competition from FinTech players. Insurance companies have an opportunity to leapfrog generations of technology advancements and are driving end to end transformation impacting customer experience through back-end processes such as claims-processing, underwriting and providing policy quotes.

RPA represents the next wave of automation that will help address a slew of challenges in the financial services industry.

 These extraordinary working sessions will be of particular interest to leaders in banking, insurance and financial services. It is an informative breakout designed to share best practices and leverage the extensive knowledge that only leaders in this sector have

Intelligent Automation in the Manufacturing Industry: Lessons learned & best practices

The new manufacturing wave as explained in Wall Street Journal is a wave of digital technologies and computer driven environment. It doesn’t mean that robots are taking over heavy and dirty work that human particularly doesn’t want but a vision of smart factories where every produce is controlled in precise manner with minimum waste.  Increasing compliance and quality requirements with falling prices forcing manufacturing industry to adopt to new digital technologies like RPA and AI to stay ahead with competition.

These sessions will have speakers presenting “why” and “how” to implement a Digital Workforce, and more importantly what best practices our guests can share to make RPA a long-term and scalable solution for your business.

Intelligent Automation and the changing face of Global In-house Centers (GIC’s)

With the emergence of new disrupting technologies, the role of GICs (or Captives) is changing. While businesses turned to GICs for cost effectiveness, the past couple of years have seen the different focus from arrays of industries to create GICs. New GICs are pursuing innovation and accelerate the adoption of new digital technologies such as machine learning, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence.

This extraordinary working session will be dedicated to leaders in GICs of large organizations. It is an informative breakout designed to share best practices and leverage the extensive knowledge that only leaders in this sector have.

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