AutomationEdge Announces Industry’s First RPA-as-a-Service (RPAaaS) Offering to Jumpstart Intelligent Automation

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Houston, TX, 30 Mar 2018 AutomationEdge, the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and IT Automation solutions are now available to its customers via SaaS. AutomationEdge, in its recent User World Summit at Mumbai, announced the launch of its RPA on-cloud solution via SaaS, this makes AutomationEdge be the first vendor to offer RPA-as-a-Service (RPAaaS). AutomationEdge’s ‘Pay-as-you-use’ subscription will help customers eliminate the need to buy, deploy, and maintain the hardware and software, reducing your overall TCO. Apart from greater budget flexibility, customers can consistently achieve next level of service using ‘Pay-as-you-go’ pricing model.

It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering in which AutomationEdge server is deployed in the cloud. You can directly login to your instance in the cloud to download Process Studio and Agents as per requirement. With RPAaaS, you do not have to invest in the infrastructure necessary for deploying AutomationEdge and hence you can also get rid of maintenance costs and worries. Furthermore, the cloud server is always going to have the latest version with newest features and latest security patches which eliminates your worries about timely updates. AutomationEdge has set up a robust high-availability infrastructure in the cloud so that customers will never have to suffer issues resulting from server-downtime or any related reasons.

“AutomationEdge was built with enterprises of various sizes in mind. The product was supporting multiple platforms, multi-tenancy and web-based self-service right from the first release. AutomationEdge RPA-as-a-service (RPAaaS) will offer the flexibility of adopting RPA in the organizations without worrying about server infrastructure, software maintenance, and upgrades.” said, Uday Birajdar – CEO, AutomationEdge. AutomationEdge has got security vulnerability testing done by third-party organizations which follow security guidelines and standards including OWASP guidelines while doing security testing.

About AutomationEdge
AutomationEdge is the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and IT automation solution. It offers a full range of intelligent automation technologies including RPA, cognitive automation including chatbot, machine learning, ETL, ready API integrations and IT automation as an Enterprise Automation Platform. To further enhance the RPA implementation process, AutomationEdge has launched its Automation-As-a-Service, which makes it the first RPA-on-cloud provider. AutomationEdge unveiled its ready to consume bot store named AutomationEdge Bot store during the 1st Global user summit at Mumbai.

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