AutomationEdge wins new customer Servopa in Brazil, continues strong growth.

AutomationEdge RPA Solution Delivers Performance, Efficiency and Scalability to Innovative Brazilian Customers like Servopa.

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Curitiba, Brazil – August 30, 2019: AutomationEdge, the industry’s leading provider of robotic process automation and IT process automation solutions, today announced that a leading Brazilian Volkswagen sales and services partner, Servopa has onboarded AutomationEdge as its automation partner.

AutomationEdge will automate repetitive and mundane software tasks to boost business efficiency and productivity. The continued growth of AutomationEdge customer base is further proof that Brazilian market is adopting RPA faster than expected.

Servopa being one of the largest reseller chains in Brazil has over 300,000 customers which generate huge workload on back office, IT systems, financial transactions from customer and vendors. AutomationEdge is helping Servopa streamline processes by automating back office operations, invoice processing, generating reports and integrating IT systems.

According to Celina HARA, Servopa’s CIO: “Servopa started on the automation journey in early 2019, we are at the beginning but we understand that there are benefits that can already be seen as:
– Satisfaction of those involved in the improvement and quality of their work,
– Fast delivery of daily / monthly tasks,
– Jobs not affected by absence of employee.
And that motivates us to increase this journey, so we already have a waiting line for robotizing new tasks.”

Most of the business processes handled manually is data related such as customer data, invoices, etc. in multiple formats like paper forms, excel, pdf, multiple systems which cannot integrate, and so on. With multi-threading and parallel processing capabilities, AutomationEdge is the fastest data processing automation solution in the industry with the speed of 250,000 records per 10 seconds (or 10 – 100 times faster compared to industry peers).

About Servopa
The Servopa Automóve is Volkswagen dealership started the Group’s activities in 1955.
Leading sales in the southern region of Brazil since its foundation, Servopa Automóve is accumulates along its trajectory several awards, in particular, the Diamond Pin – the largest international award granted by Volkswagen Germany to its dealers, which qualifies it among the best brand resellers in the world.

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About AutomationEdge
AutomationEdge is the only unified solution with business process automation and IT process automation as core capabilities. Its AI & NLP capabilities enable it to handle unstructured data like emails, chats, and unformatted excels which can help in areas like customer support, sales, risk and compliance.
AutomationEdge is the first in the RPA industry to launch RPA as a Service (or RPA on Cloud) solution which further reduces the burden of investing and managing hardware and software costs.

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