Finding the Edge in the Automation – IBS Intelligence takes tour of Uday Birajdar’s vision for AutomationEdge

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Robotic Process Automation is a fast pacing industry and AutomationEdge is one of the leading solutions in the market.Uday Birajdar

Megha Bhattacharya, Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence found it amazing the way how AutomationEdge is growing globally. Megha has got the exclusive interview of Uday Birajdar, CEO & Co-founder at AutomationEdge to get the inside view of AutomationEdge and Uday’s vision of the future.

During the interview, Uday explained his day at AutomationEdge and his vision. Uday also briefed on AutomationEdge Process Studio, product roadmap, partner strategy, ready Bot Store, and its strategy for the next five years.

Here is the snap of the interview:

“It’s a fast-paced life as we are building new technologies, updating new products and solving innovative challenges put forth by customers. Our time overlaps with the US and involves shuffling between product roadmaps and management. It also involves brainstorming about solution building. Thought leadership, client meetings, marketing and co-creation of solutions form a considerable part of my daily life. What is your geographic focus? Everyone out there would like to improve customer experience and business efficiency, and that makes us go global rather than limiting to a specific geography.

But if I must pinpoint, then the top four regions would be Americas, Europe, Middle East and India. From a customer perspective, we find a mix of on-cloud and on-premise consumers in the Americas and Europe, whereas ME and India have mostly an on-premise RPA consumer base. The greatest number of cloud consumers are in the Americas. The outlook for cloud-based RPA solutions in the Middle East is limited in the near future; however, for the Indian market, one of our ‘big four’ partners is creating a strong strategy for enabling on-cloud adoption among Indian consumers.”

You can read full story on IBS Intelligence website.