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IT Automation

AutomationEdge acts as a Virtual Engineer and helps you resolve incident, service requests, reset passwords and act on events. AutomationEdge comes bundled with library of use cases which can be automated. Automation has wizard based approach to integrate popular service desk systems with AutomationEdge. The source for request or incident can be any IT system and target systems can be packaged business applications, IT systems or home grown bespoke applications.

Service Desk Automation

Empower the business users through self-service, and the automated delivery of services through 24 x7 automation service catalog.10 to 40% tickets (incidents and service requests) will get resolved automatically using AutomationEdge.
Service Desk automation will help you fulfill common service requests from business users like shared folder access, VM creation, AD user creation, user creation in business applications, employee onboarding and offboarding etc automatically without involving IT.
This will help you reduce costs of support, eliminate errors and achieve greater CSAT due to faster (almost instantaneous) response to users.

Password Reset Automation

Increasing applications and devices brings the complexity of rising password reset request and account unlock requests. This increased password complexity directly correlates to increased helpdesk calls, this is not only expensive, but also a big distraction for the service desk team and a costly use of employee time, when they could be focusing on the productive business activities. Vyom AutomationEdge Self Service Password Reset increases password security without limiting productivity when a user forgets a password of directory service like Active Directory or business applications.


NOC and Event Resolution Automation

IT and network operations center is the focal point for 24 x7 monitoring and management of business applications , databases, platforms, systems and networks. AutomationEdge helps in Automation of common NOC tasks and automated resolution of events including :

  • Server restart
  • Service Restart
  • Health Check of systems and applications
  • Log purge….etc

The automation can be triggered from service request console (one touch automation) or through event from monitoring tool or regular maintenance routines.

Business Process Automation

Our business process automation solution mimics human actions in completing tasks which are traditionally done by human workforce and which are rule based. Our business process automation offering is based on AutomationEdge Robotic Process Automation solution.

Robotic Process Automation

AutomationEdge robotic process automation solution allows you to automate business processes rapidly.
Robotic process automation utilizes intelligent robots known as virtual workforce who can interact with software programs like ERP systems, databases other business applications . These virtual engineers have ability to interact like humans and follow rule based decisions, besides this robotic automation does multiple tasks like copy paste or exchange data between systems and perform repetitive tasks with more speed and accuracy than humans .


Excel Automation

With AutomationEdge, you can automate Excel spreadsheet procedures and activities. You can put all the data integrity checks, validation and reduce the data processing time from hours to minutes using AutomationEdge. With integration of Excel automation and robotic process automation, you will be able to automate many operations in your organization.

Chatbot Automation

AutomationEdge Chabot is the bot that interacts with customer and fulfills the request using Artificial Intelligence. This bot asks questions, collects information and executes the task in your back office application via a chat window, text or email. This way AutomationEdge reduces the need for the human agent to interact with customers.
AutomationEdge Chatbot allows your customers to reach you anytime, anywhere, by seamlessly integrating all your existing online and mobile platforms, including websites, apps, and text messaging.
AutomationEdge Chatbot offers the highest level of customer experience with shorter transaction times, reducing manual errors and avoiding the highly irritating repeat questions for the same information.
One of the leading insurance company in India uses AutomationEdge Chatbot Automation to automate Insurance Policy underwriting process.

SAP Automation

These days, managing data has become a crucial for any organization as most of the industries needs latest and accurate data which will keep their business floating with competitive market. SAP ERP is one of the reliable source to manage business operations for any size.

With SAP Automation using AutomationEdge, stakeholders gain more visibility, control of processes, increased efficiency, enhanced reliability and reduced costs.

Customers who are using AutomationEdge SAP automation have noticed almost zero errors in their back end which will reduce the cost for rework


Front Office Automation

Customer experience is vital to business performance; it is imperative to have sophisticated technology wherever there is a direct interaction involved with customers is it through a phone call, email, chat or SMS. AutomationEdge Robotic Process Automation offers highest level of customer experience by providing fastest, error-free response 24*7.
AutomationEdge Front office automation revolutionizes the way business interacts, communicates and engages with customers. Whether the customer requests a quotation or submits a balance inquiry, he expects a lightning fast response with no errors and without being repeatedly prompted for same information.
AutomationEdge has automated various front office processes like Quotation Generation, Loan De-duplication etc.

Middle Office Automation

In many situations, the middle office functions as a support mechanism for the front office and also has the responsibility of providing the back office with the data necessary to complete the transaction process with the customer. Thus, while Front office and Back office automation are essential, it is equally important to consider automation of middle office operations such as risk management, compliance regulatory and technology.
AutomationEdge middle office automation helps eliminate the cost and risk arising due to gaps created by efficient front office and manual middle office operations. AutomationEdge RPA has automated various middle office processes like salary transfer, Credit card limit etc.

Back Office Automation

Back office operations have traditionally been paper-intensive and labor-intensive.While front office automation is critical to customer experience, it is equally important to have highly efficient back office operations.
AutomationEdge – robotic process automation can automate all your back office operations to offer reduced processing cycle times, improved visibility into the status of requests for front office and customers, standardization of processes across regions, and improved quality of service to customers
AutomationEdge RPA has automated various Back office processes like employee contracts, supplier management

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