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Our business process automation solution mimics human actions in completing tasks which are traditionally done by human workforce and which are rule based. Our business process automation offering is based on AutomationEdge Robotic Process Automation solution.

Robotic Process Automation

AutomationEdge robotic process automation solution allows you to automate business processes rapidly.

Robotic process automation utilizes intelligent robots known as virtual workforce who can interact with software programs like ERP systems, databases other business applications . These virtual engineers have ability to interact like humans and follow rule based decisions, besides this robotic automation does multiple tasks like copy paste or exchange data between systems and perform repetitive tasks with more speed and accuracy than humans .


IT Automation

AutomationEdge acts as a Virtual Engineer and helps you resolve incident, service requests, reset passwords and act on events. AutomationEdge comes bundled with library of use cases which can be automated. Automation has wizard based approach to integrate popular service desk systems with AutomationEdge. The source for request or incident can be any IT system and target systems can be packaged business applications, IT systems or home grown bespoke applications.


AutomationEdge – My intelligent assistant

AutomationEdge has diverse ready to use capabilities to achieve quick automation, unlike traditional RPA approach of building the automation from scratch everytime. The traditional RPA approach involves more efforts in implementation and maintenance.



Experience the Intelligent Automation Solution

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