Improving Operational Efficiency using Digital Innovation

Pankaj Pandey, Head of IT at IDBI Federal Life Insurance company presents how AutomationEdge has helped his company overcome some key challenges   as below:

  • Simplifying Processes, especially proposal and underwriting.
  • Decreasing time and effort in doing repetitive and mundane tasks.
  • Faster Claims Processing.
  • Eliminate manual inputs: saving time and chances of manual error.
  • One Click service for the customers: payout, proposal, policy details etc.
  • Offer better service to policy holders and enhance operational efficiencies and decrease cost.
  • Service existing policy holders efficiently to bring repeat business.
  • Offer better self-service catalogue for customers and employees to bring down support cost.
  • Evaluate process for cost reduction: Fine tune the existing process to ensure greater cost efficiency.

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