Managed service providers are rapidly adopting intelligent automation to reduce costs; gain efficiencies and stay competitive in an ever-changing market. 50% of organisations that buy IT managed services underpinned by intelligent automation have seen tangible benefits. Managed service providers striving to lead the market are adopting automation to improve the value, quality and price competitiveness of delivery.

The use of intelligent automation services (IAS) with managed services is, by nature, transformational.

This webinar will provide insights and guidance into the best practices, strategies and techniques to get there. We’ll address common questions such as:

  • How Can Intelligent Automation help you stay competitive?
  • Where to start your automation strategy?
  • Whether to build in-house or partner with specialised automation vendors?
  • How are your peers doing it, listen to real world stories of MSP

Please join us on this focused webinar for Managed Service Providers.

How Intelligent Automation is Enabling MSP’s to Deliver Transformational Growth

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