As banks build resilience strategies into their strategic roadmap, they must accelerate adoption of automation technologies, which increase efficiency and optimize operations. Technology & business leaders have an abundant choice of overlapping automation tools, making it a challenge to determine what to use and how.

Financial services CXOs in banks are driving automation from a technology perspective rather than leading with the business outcome and then aligning the correct set of tools.

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This webinar will answer some of the basic questions RPA beginners may have:

  • Financial services CXOs are inundated with choice when looking to automate their processes, so they have to understand the underlying characteristics of the tools to make the right selection.
  • Use case selection: How to pick the right problems to solve with automation technologies. Where to start  automation, understand 3 different categories of RPA Use cases :
    • Use cases based on efficiency and cost savings
    • Use cases that fulfill business needs beyond cost savings
    • Use cases in which RPA is combined with another technology to resolve a business issue
  • Alignment of technology: How to align the right technology to deliver the required business outcome.
  • Measurement: How to quantify success with the right measurement or gain insight of how others have quantified success and what measures they have used.

This webinar also presents an opportunity for you to experience a 15 min virtual fire-side chat with one of the leading banks in India which will uncover best practices for your automation journey. Join us as AutomationEdge along with its partner Race Online, brings the art of automation in perspective.