Virtual CIO Round Table on

Re-imagining Shared Services
Centers in the New Normal
with Hyperautomation

Virtual CIO Round Table on

Re-imagining Shared Services Centers in the New Normal with Hyperautomation

Most Shared Services Centers (SSCs) are looking for opportunities to escape the icy grip of being perceived and managed as pure cost-cutting, transaction-oriented internal service providers. 

They are actively seeking opportunities to move up the value chain and to make a more strategic contribution to enterprise performance from simply doing customer service, as they are now measured to perform process control and improvement, standardization and optimization, as well as reduced risk and better compliance, quality and reliability.

Therefore, adoption of automation in Shared Services enable businesses with more agile services and abilities to ramp up or scale down, depending on enterprise needs.

We invite you to this interactive Virtual Round Table that will discuss and share ideas on the most pressing topics of the shared services organizations. 

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Why should you attend?

  1. Learn how CIOs can take a fresh look at automation and new delivery models to move shared services up the value chain and to improve their IT operating model. Learn from the real-world case study of Borden Dairy on how automation can scale shared services.
  2. The Hackett Group, the leading global strategy and operations consulting firm with deep experience and expertise in shared services design and implementation across all major industries and business functions, will help you understand how well does your organization’s service strategy support its enterprise performance management goals.
  3. Explore opportunities of automation in shared service, particularly conversational platforms and Hyperautomation.

Join the impressive who-have-been-there-done-that kind of panel from the industry.
You can even share your pressing questions in advance so that we can address them during the session.

Round Table Panelists

Satyaki Lodh

Chief Information Officer
Borden Dairy

Kabir Patel

Director Transformation and Innovation

Paulo Dominguez

Global Managing Director
The Hackett Group

Justin Gillespie

Principal – Digital Enablement
The Hackett Group

Siva Juturi

EVP Sales Americas