If you are working in the corporate world, you must have spent valuable time on mundane tasks which you’d rather spend on quality work. Whether it’s manually entering data, creating tickets into systems or checking email to make sure you don’t miss important thread. We’ve all been there.

It’s clear that automating tasks across business functions can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

As we all know, IT department is the life blood of an organization. If the people, process and technology is not managed properly, department cannot add value as expected. Automation can make these things happen. Automation can pull things together and streamline operations to optimize productivity.

In an ITSM benchmark study by AXELOS, when asked to prioritize their most pressing challenges, ITSM professionals listed inefficiency as their biggest problem to overcome.

Without questions, IT operations have been improved after the introduction of IT Service Management solution (ITSM). ITSM solutions like BMC Remedy, Remedyforce, ServiceNow, Cherwell has helped streamline and optimize IT function with faster business response.

But, ITSM solutions are not limited to IT Process Automation. ITSM solution can also automate non-IT requests from various departments like Human Resources, Operations, Finance, Support, Admin. Non-IT requests automation in IT Service Desk brings out whole lot of new opportunities to add value and save cost in organization.

But what, exactly, is IT Service Desk automation? More importantly, what can it do for your business?

Learn to automate IT Service Desk requests in our deep dive webinar series on leveraging RPA to automate IT & Non-IT requests and Cognitive automation in IT Service Desk (ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, Remedyforce, Cherwell).