AutomationEdge-Cherwell Integration

  • Fulfilment of more demand with highest reliability and quality is the key to successful service management. This can be easily achieved by automating the service request fulfilment process in your service management tool. AutomationEdge can help you to do this.

  • AutomationEdge is a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software product which is developed using cutting edge technologies like UI automation, Artificial Intelligence, ETL, Rapid API Integration, Machine Learning, NLP, and Chatbots.

  • Gartner recognizes AutomationEdge as specialist RPA Software Provider in “Market Guide for RPA Software, 2017 Report” and vertical reports like “Hype Cycle for Digital Insurance 2017”.

  • AutomationEdge easily integrates with service request management and service desk systems like Cherwell, Service Now, BMC Remedy etc. These integrations significantly improve ticket resolution performance through RPA technology.

  • AutomationEdge can automate and fulfill 30-40% L1/L2 level tickets of Cherwell, without any manual intervention. This can be achieved using the configuration wizard in Cherwell’s AutomationEdge mApp.

Integration Details

Integration Details


  • Email box , Distribution list

  • Shared folder

  • Password reset

  • Server Restart, Health Check

  • Employee onboarding

Base Adapters

  • SSH

  • PowerShell

  • Web Services

  • SQL

  • GUI

Base Other Adapters

  • AWS, Azure, VMWare, Solaris, CISCO ..

  • Office 365, Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange Server

  • BOX, Airwatch, Microsoft InTune, ..

  • Business applications like Salesforce, EBS, ..

Integration Details

Integration Details

IT Process Automation

  • Employee Onboarding and Off-boarding:
    Creation/deletion of domain user and Email box, add/modify distribution list etc.

  • Access management: Access to a shared folder, printers, database, software like HRMS, SVN, Salesforce etc.

  • Incident Resolution: Server restart, Service restart, disk clean-up, Password Reset etc.

  • Periodic backup of the database, File server, Event monitoring and health checks etc.

IT Process Automation

Business Process Automation

AutomationEdge helps control business process cost by automating repetitive task and eliminating need of rework due to errors in business operations.

Business Process Automation
  • Salary and claims processing, Reconciliation etc.

  • De-duplication for loan processing and fraud detection

  • Periodic reports/statements generation for customers

  • Quotation and Invoice generation

Integration Value

AutomationEdge offer 24*7 store front to business users with automation service catalog eliminating need of IT staff to resolve repetitive service requests or incidents. It empowers L0 engineer to handle various tasks otherwise handled by L1, L2 and L3 engineers.

  • Cost Reduction

  • TAT / SLA Improvement

  • Scalability

  • Increased Compliance

  • Eliminate Human Errors

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