In today’s interconnected world, customers have myriad channels to reach out to businesses – from social media and in-app surveys to review sites, emails, and chats – accessible at any time and from any location.

But what happens to all these conversations?

Typically, companies rely on IT service desks to centralize customer feedback and aid agents in automatically categorizing support tickets. However, while this system reduces some manual workload by tagging tickets, the ticket classification systems within help desk software often prove to be rudimentary. Consequently, many tickets end up labeled as ‘other’ or with overly broad tags that fail to accurately describe the underlying issue.

This is where ticket classification utilizing machine learning technology becomes invaluable.

Let’s discover more in this blog about how ticket classification is powered by AI and can kickstart advanced ticket classification efforts immediately.

The Importance of Ticket Classification

Ticket classification serves as the backbone of effective customer support and IT service management systems. By accurately categorizing tickets, organizations can:

The Importance of Ticket Classification

Challenges with Ticket Classification

When a support ticket emerges at the service desk, it requires processing and assignment of a tag or category to ensure it reaches the appropriate team member. This assignment can be either manual, where agents read the ticket and assign a tag, or automatic, where rule-based systems are set up following the ‘IF X happens THEN do Y’ principle.

Manual classification systems can be convoluted and overwhelming, leading support agents to struggle with categorization. Some of the other challenges the IT service desk team struggles with are-

  • High Volume of Tickets: As organizations grow and expand their customer base, the volume of incoming tickets can become overwhelming, making manual classification processes time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Subjectivity and Inconsistency: Human agents may interpret and classify tickets differently, leading to inconsistencies in categorization and prioritization.
  • Resource Constraints: Limited human resources may hinder the scalability and efficiency of manual ticket classification processes, especially during peak periods.

How AI-Based Ticket Classification Help?

AI-driven bots have revolutionized the way organizations handle incident tickets with accurate ticket classification. Let’s explore how this process unfolds seamlessly:

  1. Ticket Classification with AI Logic

    When a user raises an incident ticket an AI-powered bot swiftly classifies the incident based on its characteristics, leveraging advanced logic to determine the nature and urgency of the issue.

  2. Automated Allocation to Support Group

    Once classified, the ticket is automatically routed to the correct support group, ensuring that it lands in the hands of specialists equipped to address the specific issue at hand.

  3. VOIP Integration for Support Executive Communication

    The bot initiates VOIP calls to support executives within the designated support group. Leveraging availability data sourced from rosters and attendance records, the bot strategically contacts support engineers individually, maximizing the chances of prompt response and resolution.

  4. Escalation Protocol

    If no support engineer picks up the call within a reasonable timeframe, the ticket is promptly escalated to the Escalation Manager of that particular shift for the respective support group. This ensures that critical issues are swiftly brought to the attention of higher management for immediate action.

By seamlessly integrating AI logic with VOIP communication capabilities, organizations can streamline ticket classification and achieve an 80% TAT reduction in ticket classification.

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Wrap Up

As customer interactions increasingly spread across various online platforms like social media and review sites, tagging tickets has become progressively challenging for support agents. While ticket triaging is essential, it’s also laborious and time-consuming.

Conventional manual ticket tagging and routing methods are no longer sustainable, prompting organizations to adopt machine learning-based ticket classification. By integrating AI tools into their help desks, organizations can expedite simple tasks with greater accuracy, allowing human agents to concentrate on more meaningful responsibilities. Additionally, using this classified ticket data gives you invaluable insights into your organization’s trends, usage patterns, systems behaviors, etc.

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