Organizations are adding new technologies to the automation like AI, ML and NLP to move beyond the RPA. With conversational AI and NLP technology they understand the natural language and automate the tasks. The speech enabled application, can perform the interactions like a human between user and the computer.

Enterprise virtual agents execute everyday tasks of each business units easier and faster with conversational AI and NLU technologies and send the actionable alerts. Also, they provide the report to track critical tasks.

Virtual agent simplifies SAP Solutions for Sales, Service, and Commerce. This will eliminate labor-intensive admin tasks and free the staff to work on a critical task. Organizations can serve the customer betterand grow their businessas the bot work 24/7/365 days without breaks.

The chatbot, NLP and RPA bundled together to provide digital catalog to SAP users – Suppliers, finance team, customer support teams, channel partners and customers.

AutomationEdge uniquely provide all combination of technologies Chatbot, NLP, RPA for SAP organizations to increase their business with this intelligent Automation. You do not need API or backend access to connect to SAP system and achieve automation.

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Below are some usecases which can be automated for SAP applications:

CRM Activities and Tasks:

Create leads, contacts, opportunities, and appointments Update existing opportunity owner, notes and forecast
Get opportunity details Get closed opportunities report
Get alerts: new/updated opportunities, closed-won/lost New updated or follow-up appointments
Streamline workflows via faster data entry and easy, actionable alerts Ensure closed-loop experiences that promote multi-product sales/referrals
Capture data instantly for customer issues and new/cross-sell opportunities Automate complex business rules that impact area like compensation


Service Activities and Tasks:

Create a basic service request with subject and description Get the list of all tickets
Update any field in the Service ticket Escalate the ticket based on system rules
Get the details of the last updated ticket Add notes to the ticket
Get alerts, updated tickets, and responses Password reset for SAP


Benefit of Virtual Agent for SAP:

  • Increase user satisfaction: Users can work with virtual agents to get innovative and quick service
  • Virtual agent platform: that users can communicate with SAP systems very easily as they communicate with people
  • Accelerate productivity: by reducing response time between receiving alters and taking required actions
  • Increase agility: by using NLU with text and speech to perform a complicated task that normally requires multiple interactions. Employees can speak to SAP systems and can get more done in less time.
  • Reduce complexity: by enabling users to interact with SAP solutions from a familiar social messaging platform like Slack, SMS, Skype and email.

The virtual agent gives a lot of benefits for SAP customers by using bots to automate their use cases in their various applications such as Sales, Service, and Commerce. Virtual agent can easily communicate with the SAP system with their AI and NLU capabilities and provide good service to the customer which improves customer experience.

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