Most of the organizations are focusing on their path of digital transformation to scale their business. To stay competitive, they can provide quality service to their customer with the intelligent service desk.Today, everywhere we can see the usage of conversational AI and virtual agents as they are doing flight booking, setting a doctor appointment, movie ticket booking,banktransactions also they are handling IT service desk like ServiceNow.

As per a report by Gartner, Inc., 25% of digital workers will use a Virtual Employee Assistant (VEA) daily by 2021. This will be up from less than 2% in 2019

A Virtual agent that understands the language of IT can show its value in helping to reduce the cost, increase productivity and improve IT agility by going beyond chatbot capability. This will help you transform your IT Service Desk challenges into a business opportunity.

With help of service desk automation, we can automate the service desk incidents or service requests tickets which are repetitive and more common. ITSM Virtual Agent understands the language of IT and it includes many predefined conversations designed means agents are trained to help your IT users to complete their routine tasks, such as password reset, AD user creation and incident ticket creation.

These virtual agents can expand their usage exponentially. With their Natural Language Understanding (NLU) feature, they can convert text or voice input into executable commands NLU technology on the ITSM Virtual Agent application will increase the user experience.

According to Forrester, “Virtual support agents and artificial intelligence capabilities, can transform the way that supports analysts perform their jobs and improve customer experience.

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Below are some use cases of ServiceDesk where the Virtual Agent can automate.

ServiceDesk Tasks:

Incident resolution Update Assigned Tasks
Searching Knowledge Base Submit a request
Check IT Ticket Status Update Service Disruptions

AutomationEdge AI is built for IT – details that out in a sentence, it has seen millions of tickets to understand language of IT.
The Virtual agent can also automate the task for IT support tickets. This will help IT Support engineer to work on more critical task rather than doing routine repetitive l1 and l2 tasks.

Below are some use cases for the same

IT Support Tasks:

AD account Management, Password Resets, password reset Office-365 management Distribution list management
Health checks Share folders Management Compliance check reports
Exchange Server Management Database Management Network Management


AutomationEdge Virtual Agent for ServiceNow will reduce efforts of the IT support engineer as well increases the customer experience by providing good service to the customer with minimum or no human intervention with its AI, NLU capabilities. Employees in an organization will get satisfied as their ticket gets resolved faster and effortlessly rather than waiting many days to get their issue resolved.

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