RPA has been the biggest game-changer across the IT industry, as new players with innovative solutions and differentiated pricing continue to bombard customers. However, with over 50 players across the industry offering related solutions with bare minimum deviation, enterprises are confused with the flood of pricing for RPA tools.

Prospects struggle with price comparison for RPA tools, as the models might function on concurrent runtime (often referred to as a bot), process flows, or per transaction. Hence, predicting demand for utilization became cumbersome, further elongating the buying cycle.

Especially for the customers not aware of the RPA industry, the roadblock became bigger considering the implementation, maintenance, and updating issues of on-premises orchestrators for bot management. Such situations disable them from justifying the RPA ROI or the utility offered by the RPA solution.

AutomationEdge brings an end to your pricing woes by launching the industry’s first RPA as a Service (RPAaaS) – Pay As You Go automation solution. No more confusion; just pay for what you consume.
Every prospect is unique, and their requirements are peculiar. This pricing model is created to resonate with the client’s vision. The driving force behind this new league of thought is simple – ‘pricing should justify the use.’

RPA Consumption-based Pricing Benefits

  • Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing – No bulky annual subscriptions or complicated pricing options; we offer simple bot minutes per use calculations to relieve you from all unnecessary overhead charges.
  • Quick ROI Realization – Need-based deployment of RPA solutions guarantee real-time ROI realization with instant business value delivery by eliminating high TCO due to maintenance, implementation, adoption, and training cost.
  • Faster Turnaround – Investing in consumption-based pricing for the RPA model empowers clients with the flexibility and speed of cloud automation. In addition, instant web-based deployment allows automation to initiate at any time, while intuitive consumer-like interfaces enable users with various skill acquisition for quick learning and automation.
  • Infinite ScalabilityRPA on Cloud guarantees near-infinite scalability with cloud-based deployments allowing users to scale as per the need of the hour.
  • Deploy without IT – No more dependency on IT as our instant web-based deployment models with customer-centric, intuitive interfaces allow users with differentiated skill sets to learn quickly and become automation experts.
  • Enhanced Security – Though RPA as a Service model focuses on enhancing the ease and comfort of the customer, it in no way misses out on the security prerequisites. AutomationEdge is hosted on AWS cloud, but not limited to AWS only. It is also compliant with international security standards.


Automation is the key to the future, and all businesses across industries have the right to access it. And, AutomationEdge’s innovative RPAaaS Pay as You Go model bridges the gap and makes intelligent automation affordable and accessible to all.

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