In today’s business and digital landscape, even legacy enterprises cannot afford to lack customer communication. And success in today’s competitive business landscape demands total efficiency. This being the reason, customer service and experience have become more imperative than ever before to generate new business and keep an existing customer count intact. If, in any way, enterprises are failing to make this communication channel between enterprise and customer smooth requires a solution.

As per Gartner, 70% of customer interaction will involve emerging AI technologies like Machine Learning(ML) application and chatbots.

However, it would not be liable to say that these chatbots will only be beneficial for the business end of the spectrum; it’s beneficial from the customer’s point of view as well. Also, in the digital era, customers also vouch for enterprises that include customer support AI chatbots in their operations. As per Gartner, by 2027, chatbots will become the primary customer service channel for a quarter of organizations. Be it healthcare, finance, banking, and the insurance industry, around 54% of respondents are using some form of chatbot to streamline the customer experience.

What is a Customer Service Chatbot?

A customer service chatbot is an advanced software that uses Artificial intelligence technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing(NLP) to answer basic customer queries via chat. These customer service chatbots can answer simple queries like-

  • How can I change my password?
  • What is the software pricing?
  • Where can I find payment options?

These are some FAQs this chatbot can answer without any manual intervention. But with time, the power of chatbots can get smarter by utilizing machine learning technologies and learning through the process. With AI, chatbots can extract data and information faster, understand customer intent to offer personalized customer experience.
Whether it’s a password reset request or a knowledge article access, the chatbot’s role is to keep the customer experience smooth without any necessary hassle. Moreover, these chatbots are also a great help for employees in offering data access at the time of resolving service tickets.

Top 5 Ways Business can Leverage Customer Service Chatbots

Benefits of Chatbots for Business

    1. Automate Routine Process

      One of the foremost responsibilities of a customer service chatbot is to free up employees from handling routine and repetitive processes. So, using chatbots, enterprises can automate routine processes like retrieving account information, scheduling appointments, processing transactions, checking inventory availability, and confirming an appointment. This frees employees from involvement in routine tasks and processes and gives them ample time to focus on the context-driven process.

    2. Boost Sales and Lead Generation

      The deployment of chatbots on the business website presents a platform to customers through which they can get valuable information and recommendations about the product. Above all, these chatbots are present 24/7, which helps in faster resolution that makes customers buy products more likely from your enterprises very frequently. Also, with customer data and insights, it gets easier for enterprises to get customer preference and choices to generate leads and enhance the business.

    3. Offer Omnichannel Customer Experience

      From online to offline, customers have multiple channels from where the service ticket request is raised. And today, customers demand convenience in resolving their requests at the channel of their choice. Utilizing an AI chatbot enables customers to raise requests from the channel of their choice. With consistent messaging and support, customer experience is enhanced so is the customer count.

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    4. Triage Calls and Service Ticket

      This is another benefit that customer service chatbot brings to the business. These customer service chatbots can work as an automated triage department for the customer service team. Whenever a service ticket is raised, these chatbots can direct the call to different parts of the customer service team based on their requirement and urgency. Also, in any case, chatbots are unable to resolve customer service tickets; they direct the call to employees for resolution. This whole process rules out the need to move from one agent to another.

    5. Create Personalized Experience

      When a customer raises a service request, it requires focus and concentration to understand the request and offer the prior resolution. Because confusing utterances during employee interaction might deter the customer experience, a customer service chatbot can effectively disambiguate confusing utterances while interacting with employees. With Natural Language Understanding(NLU), these chatbots can understand what a customer meant, even if it is misspelled or conveyed wrong. Moreover, collecting data during each interaction makes it easier for employees to get customer insights and offer a personalized customer experience.


Regardless of the industry, a customer service chatbot has the potential to transform business operations and employees. From saving business resources to enabling enterprises to use their resources in the best possible way, the enterprise can take its business operations up to the next level. With numerous benefits, it’s easy to conclude that customer service chatbots can expand your business capability and employee productivity as well.

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