Organizations and business leaders today are looking for opportunities to accelerate employee experience, right from employee onboarding to assisting the new employees to sort out their IT support issues. Because in the hyper-digital era, the customer today demands faster access to information without any friction or long wait times.

Generally, service desk operations are always considered a dreaded ordeal like impatient employees getting frustrated and waiting for someone to help with a basic process like password reset or even simply adding new information to health insurance policy systems. As per Forrester’s research report, large enterprises spend approx 1 million per year on staffing and infrastructure to handle the password reset process alone, which means one password rest costs around $70.00.

And the organization that has embraced basic automation tools like Robotic Process Automation(RPA), it has become evident that a single process-based automation tool is not enough to create resilient business processes. Also, with tradition, RPA technologies are largely front-loaded, which means you have to understand the process and context as well as invest time to map out the process.

Moreover, to help the enterprise gain the edge, it’s high time for the enterprise to enter the age of Hyperautomation.

As per Gartner, Hyperautomation is a business-driven disciplined approach to identifying business processes and involving them with the combination of AI technologies like Machine Learning(ML), NLP, and OCR for creating a resilient business model.

Why Hyperautomation for employee experience?

Irrespective of industries, the organization in the digital era wants to be fast-paced, highly distributed, and equipped with top trend technologies. The reason behind this approach is the dire need to create a delightful customer and employee experience. And the inability of top trend technologies makes it hard for enterprises to move as quickly as they desire or need to.
Some of the needs and goals that are driving organizations toward Hyperautomation are the following-

  • Outdated work process and inability to compete
  • Employee’s frustration over manual and repetitive business processes
  • The desire for high-quality work with less manual error
  • The inability of IT team to keep the business requirements intact due to a lack of resources and knowledge

Fulfilling these goals requires the inclusion of a hyperautomation approach for a much better employee experience. Along with enhancing the employee experience, Hyperautomation gives stability to top enterprises to create a human bot symbiosis model for generating higher revenue and fewer human errors.

Following are the top ways hyperautomation creates an excellent employee experience-

  1. AI-Agent Assistance accelerates the data processing
    When a customer raises a query at onboarding and for IT support issues, it’s obvious for employees to search for data or information from a pile of documents or legacy systems to resolve the query on time. Extracting data and processing it further requires the lion’s share of time for employees. At this juncture, the hyperautomation approach comes into play. Combining the AI technologies like Machine Learning and NLP enterprises with automation can create an AI agent assistance to help the employees at the time of customer queries. AI agents bot can easily switch to multiple systems and search for the data requested by customers. By creating a centralized system for data, AI agents make it easier for employees to access data from the centralized system and process it further for faster query resolution.
  2. Low manual process saves time and money
    Using the hyperautomation approach, enterprises can automate more and more processes, no matter how complex decision-making they require. By giving the complex decision-making in the hands of hyperautomation-powered RPA bot and chatbot, employees get more time to resolve critical processes requiring human attention. On top of that, enterprises save a lot of time and money that was earlier spent on business operations. Isn’t it what keeps your enterprises into hyperdrive with better customer engagement and employee satisfaction?
  3. Make employee communication smarter
    When a service request is raised at the service desk, it’s unlikely that the ticket will be routed to the right set of employees if the processes are not automated. And this eventually leads to friction or long waiting times. But, having a hyperautomation approach in place makes it easy for enterprises to route the ticket to the employees who are actually an expert in resolving them. This reduces the friction time in ticket resolution and makes the employee communication smarter. Also, with the hyperautomation approach, enterprise systems continuously learn and evolve. With each interaction, the system improves and easily understands the customer’s intent and enables enterprises to offer a personalized experience to their customers.

Looking to build an enhanced employee experience?

AutomationEdge is the answer you are looking for. An hyperautomation approach and solutions like Conversational RPA, Conversational IT, and Intelligent Document Processing it is helping the client to get the most value from their business.

For example, one of our clients, Global Upside Corporation, was encumbered with a range of challenges like password reset, payroll processing, and data extraction to provide the service ticket resolution. AutomationEdge guided AI-powered RPA bots as a solution to enhance employee performance by reducing the manual intervention required in payroll processing and data extraction. Using the hyperautomation approach helped the client achieve a 10% improvement in employee performance and a more than 15% reduction in manual effort in payroll processing.

That’s what today’s digital era demands, smarter conversation and instant resolution, And hyperautomation is the solution to create value for employees and customers as well. After all, people and technology are always complementary to each other, and the hyperautomation approach takes your enterprise one step closer in that direction only.

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