Faced with shrinking budgets and increasing IT demands, organizations are turning to IT process automation as a way to boost service desk efficiency, meet SLAs and reduce costs, but there is more that can be achieved apart from just automating IT tasks in Remedyforce.

In this webinar we will introduce you to the unified automation platform that can empower your Remedyforce application to automate not only the IT tasks but the non- IT tasks as well. Join us to learn how processes for admin, HR, legal, accounting and finance can be automated using Remedyforce and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) seamlessly.

Join us in this webinar, to learn:

  • What is RPA ?
  • How to automate non IT – processes using Remedyforce drag and drop ready bots
  • How you can automate mundane and repetitive tasks to improve turnaround time and reduce costs
  • How automation helps in streamlining of processes & adhering to the compliance
  • How to leverage machine learning for Remedyforce tickets classification
  • How to identify automation candidates based on data in Remedyforce

Who should attend?

  • Remedyforce ITSM platform owner
  • Non-IT function owners who are leveraging ITSM platform for request management
  • Remedyforce user organizations who want get more ROI out Remedyforce investment
  • Remedyforce user organizations who want to automate Non-IT processes
  • Remedyforce users who want to leverage AI in making their Remedyforce instance even more efficient
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