Webinar on
Get more out of Remedyforce
with Machine Learning, Al and Automation

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Webinar on
Get more out of Remedyforce
with Machine Learning, Al and Automation

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Traditional approaches to IT service desk operations have reached their limit. The adoption of cognitive-enabled technologies is poised to radically change how we think about and deliver assistance and services to the consumers of corporate IT services.

AutomationEdge chatbot interacts with users and learns to answer their questions and resolve their requests.

AutomationEdge provides machine learning capabilities to your service desk so that bot can handle unstructured emails and classify them correctly which reduces the burden of your service desk. It can not only classify the tickets and assign it correct groups but also provide end-to-end resolution or perform diagnostic steps (e.g. health check of server or service) and hand over the tickets to humans at right stage. This helps you save time of your L1, L2 and L3 engineers.

Join us in this webinar, to learn:

  • What is AI, Machine Learning and NLP in the context of Service Desk
  • How Service Desk burden can be reduced by using cognitive capabilities ?
  • How end user experience can change with intelligent service desk and automation ?

Who should attend?

  • Head of different functions (IT, HR, Admin, Accounts,..) , CIO, CDO
  • Remedyforce ITSM platform owner
  • Non-IT function owners who are leveraging ITSM platform for request management
  • Remedyforce user organizations who want get more ROI out Remedyforce investment
  • Remedyforce user organizations who want to automate Non-IT processes
  • Remedyforce users who want to leverage AI in making their Remedyforce instance even more efficient


Uday Birajdar Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Uday Birajdar
CEO & Co-founder

Edward Markowitz, VP - Business Development - Americas at AutomationEdge

Ed Markowitz
VP – Business Development
Americas, AutomationEdge

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