Employees are the lifeblood of any business. After all, corporate growth is solely driven by a highly motivated and engaged team. However, when we examine today’s workplace trends, we see that employees aren’t as engaged as they once were. In fact, according to Gallup’s “State of the Worldwide Workplace: 2021 Report,” employee engagement fell by 2% in 2020, costing the global economy $8.1 trillion in lost output.

Organizations that use a shaping approach to employee experience can please and empower 32 percent more people at a much lesser cost than their competitors, confirms Gartner, Inc. Businesses must focus on dramatic change rather than incremental improvements to regain lost productivity and momentum – they must take a step back and entirely rewrite their employee experience handbook. And in order to transform dramatically, firms must adopt new ways of thinking and work practices. Exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) may help establish a new future of work that is more flexible, diversified, and well-being-oriented than ever before is one clear method to do this.

AI Chatbots Rewire Employee Experience

Most company and technology leaders, on the other hand, are still pondering how to succeed with EX. AI Chatbots, which have previously proven their worth in the customer service area, are now making substantial inroads into the workplace.

Intelligent Chatbots, having Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, are allowing businesses to reinvent the employee-employer relationship by automating formerly time-consuming and repetitive duties. Chatbots are changing the way employees communicate and obtain information, allowing them to be more productive and satisfied. Employees will have a better experience if these interactions are more accessible, seamless, and individualized.

The real beauty of AI chatbots is that they are capable of much more than simply answering inquiries. Based on its comprehension of the employee’s intent, a competent Chatbot can automate repetitive operations and procedures. Chatbots powered by AI is the ideal answer for meeting such requests from your staff. The following are some of the observable benefits of AI Chatbots in terms of EX:

  • Allows businesses to set up a system for quick response to employee inquiries and provide employees with self-service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.AutomationEdge's Chatbot solves the frequent employee password reset queries
  • Conversations allow for more natural, seamless interactions, with the option of human handover as needed. This is important for redirecting minor inquiries away from overworked IT or HR workers and increasing employee self-service rates.
  • Engages employees across numerous channels, regardless of where they are, such as SharePoint, a website, a mobile app, Microsoft Teams, or a voice assistant.
  • Provides a common point of access for all IT or HR self-help needs, allowing employees to acquire the assistance they require from a single location.
  • Handles a variety of use cases across various functions and is capable of both proactive and reactive behavior. This is a game-changer for employees who get upset attempting to access information from different portals and tools.
  • Reduces human participation and costs by automating numerous EX-oriented HR processes and workflows.
  • Reduces human error and allows for quick response to employee needs. This assists companies in keeping their employees happy and motivated.

Chatbots, equipped with AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, can answer basic employee questions, ensure quick resolutions for complex requests, assist staff in raising support tickets in real-time, and speed up numerous operations. AI Chatbots that have push functionalities improve internal communication by sending out announcements and notifications. It can also be used to send training modules and updates directly to the inboxes of employees. These conversational helpers can be used to change EX in a variety of ways.

Let us now focus on five key drivers to define how conversational AI is transforming the employee experience:

  • Initial Onboarding Requirement Completion
    When a new employee joins, HR employees must conduct repetitive duties such as acquiring relevant information such as KYC, signed NDA, tax declaration, and so on. It’s a time-consuming task that will yield no results. By commencing the onboarding process and delivering all required information, AI-powered chatbots will reduce manual labor. Chatbots use structured data to record information supplied by employees, reducing the reliance on HR and the onboarding of employees. In a series of simple procedures, the HR team collects information from the chatbot.
    Paperless onboarding consolidates all of your activities into a single unified dashboard, allowing you to monitor and adjust tasks more easily than ever.
    Chatbots also provide immediate solutions to innumerable questions from new hires using a conversational interface that is available 24 hours a day to seven days a week. You can even provide all necessary assets to the chatbot, including graphs, charts, movies, and photos, so that employees can access the information whenever they need it.
  • Training and Certification
    It’s still another crucial component. Companies spend a humongous amount of money on training and education for new employees. It’s a benchmark used by businesses to guarantee that new hires have acquired the necessary skills to carry out their duties effectively.
    The traditional system consisted of a database containing a massive amount of data for the student to read and comprehend their work. HR chatbots will make this process easier by promptly answering new employee questions and splitting training programs into segments. It can even conduct a quiz session at the conclusion of the procedure to assess employees’ learning ability.

    HR bot can also discuss performance results based on the evaluation, as well as provide updates to the team on upcoming learning courses.
  • Real-Time Support Ticketing is made easier
    AI Chatbots, on the other hand, can communicate with employees and answer the majority of their questions promptly. Complex requests can also be routed to the appropriate department. When the chatbot encounters a complex issue, employees can raise tickets, which are automatically assigned to the appropriate agent or department.Additionally, Chatbots keep employees informed about the progress of their tickets throughout the resolution process. Major AI-driven Chatbots make support ticketing simple and quick because of their easy interface with popular support ticketing platforms like Helix ITSM, ServiceNow, ZenDesk, Freshdesk, and others.
  • Introduction to the Team
    Retail has a workforce that is dispersed over multiple sites. Onboarding can be difficult in such situations due to outmoded processes and systems. In addition, the new hire has to be kept up to speed on project progress, targets, team members, and corporate accomplishments, among other things.
    Employees are empowered by AI chatbots, which provide every small piece of data such as team structure, location, and duties. Instead of contacting HR for every minor issue, the new hire can speak directly with the bot.
  • HR Service Delivery is Streamlined
    Complex processes, policies, and frameworks are an unpleasant but necessary element of the HR role, let’s face it. AI-powered chatbots can help HR departments run more smoothly by sending out messages and alerts on corporate policies, incentives, forthcoming holidays, vacation policies, and other topics. Chatbots respond quickly and personally to a typical procedure or policy queries, such as explanations on PTO, employee perks, and leave regulations, among other things. Chatbots can help HR service delivery while also assuring a fantastic EX by eliminating the need for unnecessary paper forms and digitizing them. These AI-powered chatbots also help to autonomously manage voluminous employee data gathered through timesheets and attendance records and process it quickly with no error.
    Chatbots are clearly capable of dramatically improving the EX. Look no further if you’re looking for a Chatbot solution to improve your Employee Experience.Also, to check more innovative solutions offered by AutomationEdge like RPA on the cloud, click:


Organizations are willing to alter in response to technological advancements. Organizations strongly feel that employee experience is the future of a successful company, among other focal factors such as branding, strategic hiring, and data analysis. With so much emphasis on digitalization and such a significant impact due to technological adaptation, both people and companies must learn and be prepared to adapt to the changes that innovation brings. The focus on strategic value generation in the form of employee engagement, performance enhancement, and employee experience has been the motto with which firms have proactively used AI technology.

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