Automating the Enterprise in New Normal

This article contains an excerpt from the webinar that was presented by Sherman L Antonio from FirstData Corp and Uday Birajdar from AutomationEdge. It emphasized the requirement of automation across small and large enterprises. They also presented how to do Statement of Account Automation. Described how AutomationEdge is a single platform [...]

4 Major Factors for the RPA Projects Failure

The old days of employees struggling with mundane and repetitive tasks are now gone, with Robotic Process Automation taking over the way businesses operate. Today, the focus is to maximize productivity with the minimum required human efforts. Especially in the most error-prone and time-consuming processes, investing in RPA has become a [...]

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How CIOs are Turning Pandemic into an Opportunity?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the pace and scale of digital transformation has accelerated at an unprecedented rate. As enterprises are moving towards adopting new technologies, the role of CIOs is getting even more prominent across diverse industries. There is urgency for them to drive all digitization initiatives to bolster [...]

The Chase to Become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise Rules the Post-Pandemic Era

The biggest ongoing debate in the global market is about robots replacing human labour in the future. The fact differs, as robots are not here to replace humans but to assist them. The future is brighter for the organizations that can balance well through this transition, and create a sustainable environment [...]

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Why Has “Shift Left” Failed In ITSM And How Can It Be Reversed?

The common expectations of the customers who have invested in IT Service Management systems are to resolve the tickets as quickly as possible and with reduced cost. What is Shift Left approach in ITSM? This approach involves the resolution of tickets by frontline less expensive support technicians and also the support [...]

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How RPA is Impacting Today’s Enterprise Workplace

"Today, companies of all sizes understand the need and value of automating the basic and core business processes that were unacceptable to be automated, but our future workforce would want all possible integration and automation at an enterprise level”. As all the companies are becoming more and more competitive and also [...]

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Selecting The Right RPA Tool, Doing It Right The First Time

RPA is rapidly growing market with technologies that are still unknown to many potential buyers regarding solutions, features, supporting frameworks, commercials and deployment models etc. Selection of RPA tool should be based on your business requirement, required features, application compatibility with the tool and expected outcomes, etc. While using RPA tool, [...]

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Smart Dubai Government wins 3 awards at the ‘.Gov’ Magazine’s Annual Government ICT Achievements Awards

Dubai, May 18, 2017 The awards included the 'G2G Service of the Year' for Robotic Agent and 'G2C Service of the Year' for AI service Saad, as well as the 'Leadership in Digital Transformation Award' for H.E. Dr. Aisha bint Butti bin Bishr. Attended by more than 200 government official and [...]

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AutomationEdge in Remedyforce Technology Ecosystem

AutomationEdge has rich integration with Remedyforce service desk. We have wizard to integrate Remedyforce forms and fields with automation actions – no coding or development needed to exploits ready automation actions bundled with AutomationEdge. We are glad to see that BMC has included us in Technology Ecosystem of Remedyforce. The related [...]

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