How will RPA Improve the Employee Onboarding Process?

Are you looking at onboarding a new employee? The employee onboarding process across IT organizations is the first impression that an organization gives to new hires, and it can actually make or break their experience with the organization. No matter how many times someone switches jobs, starting a new one is [...]

Conversational AI- Oomphing Up HR Digitization Factor

Managing resources with a human touch that adds up to the personalization quotient is the main aim of the HR department of any organization. However, we have seen automation taking over the workforce in almost every vertical of the business, be it recruiting, employee-on-boarding, and much more. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and [...]

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​​​​It’s the Conversational AI’s Era, Disrupting All Industries

Automation and artificial intelligence have the potential to drastically disrupt the way we live and work today. Everyone is affected by the rise of technology, from CEOs and commercial banks to fashion businesses and even miners. Experts predict that by 2055, half of the employment that exists today will be automated. [...]

AI and Chatbots- Joining the Forces to Skyrocket Employee Experience and Satisfaction

Employees are the lifeblood of any business. After all, corporate growth is solely driven by a highly motivated and engaged team. However, when we examine today's workplace trends, we see that employees aren't as engaged as they once were. In fact, according to Gallup's "State of the Worldwide Workplace: 2021 Report," [...]

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Automation for Employee Onboarding

Several Organizations have leveraged the RPA solutions for standardizing the Hiring and sourcing and have explored the new robotization, answers for unifying and streamlining the mundane task to ensure the step- by- step processes are carried out efficiently. Sadly, it is very typical for new hires to encounter a massive stack [...]

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Transforming HR Function with Robotic Process Automation

HR is one of the most people-centric business functions and works on attracting, developing and retaining the employees who help the business grow. To optimize the HR processes that extend across different geographies and that must meet with parameters of compliance, recruiting and rules & regulations, high-performing HR departments have been [...]

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