In the competitive and highly regulated industries, companies need to utilize every opportunity to stay ahead of the competition. IT administrators are doing the same tasks again and again. They are frustrated by their increasing workload, and they don’t have any challenging or rewarding work.

AI-powered IT Automation is an innovative approach that automates the processes eliminating the need for manual intervention to a large extent resulting in lower Turnaround Time (TAT) and higher efficiency. In this approach, tickets are generated automatically through emails, chats or calls. Software robot can understand the natural language which was entered in email or on chat and reply immediately with resolution without waiting for human. AI and automation help ease the burden of the service desk team since historical tickets and alerts create excellent input for analysis, learning, and a solid reference point. AI collects the historical and diverse information and creates a knowledge base or repository which is then used for making decisions on its own.

Robots work 24/7 without failing hence, the customer experience will increase as the customer gets a quick solution to their problem.
IT process like Health Check, for example, will do the health check of the complete system as per defined parameters and give us a prior alert proactively before any critical issues spring up. This will be a preventive mechanism for the industry. AI can also analyze the reports and provide predictive analysis based on this report support staff who can then make informed decisions.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have started using cognitive IT automation tools to help desk operations for quick service with an aim to improve their customer experience. They may use automation for routine service requests like password reset, user creation, log cleanup, periodically server restart, system access issues, or even complex workflows in monitoring and reporting like Unix health check, Data restoration, CPU & Memory utilization report, windows server Compliance check report, etc. IT automation can additionally automate critical activities such as monitoring storage capacity and taking corrective action like increase required storage automatically.

By automating the simplest to the most complex process, service desk engineers can quickly validate, diagnose, and resolve the issues and proactively handle the outages, which reduce escalations as they complete change requests quickly and confidently. This will result in cost-saving, an increase in service quality and customer satisfaction.

AI-powered automation tools help in automatic ticket assignments and automatic ticket resolution leading to a faster resolution. With the self-learning ability of the tools, they can also accept new inputs and add it to the reference models making sure your tool remain up-to-date.
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Few sample scenarios are as below

  • Employee Onboarding and Off-boarding
    Creation/deletion of Domain User and Email box, add/modify distribution list etc.
  • Access management
    Access to a shared folder, printers, database, software like HRMS, SVN, Salesforce, etc.
  • Incident Resolution
    Server restart, service restart, disk clean-up, password reset, unlock user account, etc.
  • AI-Powered Service Desk
    Auto ticket assignment and auto resolution
  • Self- Learning
    With NLP, understand email tickets in natural language and ML provides self-learning capability
  • Automate IT & Other Functions
    With Service desk application and RPA to automate IT, HR, F&O and other business operations
  • Improves Turnaround time by 90% with quick resolution

Benefits of Cognitive IT AutomationBenefits of Cognitive IT Automation

  • Cost Reduction – AI-powered IT Automation can help reduce costs by automating IT processes. Industries require fewer resources as there is no human intervention required for executing a large amount of data. Thus cost will be reduced with processing the bulk data with automation.
  • Productivity increases – AI with IT process automation, increases the speed of working and hence the productivity. Increased accuracy and reduced manual efforts avoid the rework. The person can invest his/her time to work on advanced skills like strategic planning etc.
    By reducing the turnaround time, more output can be processed in less time at regular intervals. Thus the productivity increases by IT automation.
  • Availability – System outages will be the million dollars loss to the organization, and it will be a bad reputation as well. By automating the health check and monitoring processes, we can take a preventive mechanism to avoid downtime. The processes like automated save and recovery, remote communication, alert notifications, and round-the-clock system monitoring network can significantly reduce the downtime.
  • Accuracy – IT operations mostly having mundane, repetitive tasks are more error-prone. By automating these repetitive tasks, the human errors are also reduced and result in delivering more reliable solutions
  • Performance – Automating the IT processes with huge data increases the performance as it requires less time to automate without manual intervention. Efficiency and accuracy are increased, and eventually, the performance increases without having to hire more staff.

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In Conclusion,
AI-powered IT Automation is not an either/or proposition. It has become mandatory for organizations to bring digital transformation in the organization. AutomationEdge, the Integrated Automation Platform for IT & Business Process Automation, has deep connectors that seamlessly integrate with Service Desk applications to provide digital experience. You can integrate your existing service requests or use existing bundled service request definitions in a few minutes using the wizard. AutomationEdge provides 400+ ready Bots for IT and business operations automation to reduce TAT, errors, and increase productivity.
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