Regardless of their size, every IT vendor realizes they need to invest in advanced RPA and intelligent automation solutions. All smaller IT vendors seek to future-proof themselves for the upcoming bot revolution but are confined due to lean budgets. And, the bloated RPA packages with bulked-up rates have worsened the situation for them. Such over-injected packages are unnecessarily heavy on the pockets and result in non-productivity due to the increasing bot-idle time. These have made RPA adoption a distant dream for all smaller IT vendors with bite-size appetites and bootstrap funds.

But, who deserves RPA affordability more than these small IT vendors? They are indeed the actual innovators determined to drive the future of the tech industry.

AutomationEdge thrives on the strong mission of making RPA affordable for all, and small IT vendors form a huge unmissable chunk of the target. AutomationEdge has recently launched its ingenious RPAaaS pricing model, which is focused on justifying each penny spent on RPA as a must-have technology across diverse industries. RPAaaS encourages the smaller IT vendors to start small with their RPA mission but continues to dream big.

The RPAaaS pay-as-you-go pricing model allows the customers to pay only for the bot minutes they use. So, the IT vendors will now be free from the confusing pricing models with add-on hidden service charges. RPA is dynamic, and no ‘one-size-fits-all’ package can be offered, as the smaller businesses will never have the requirements even slightly-close to an IT giant.

The RPAaaS pricing model empowers the smaller IT vendors with:

  • Transparent subscription pricing
  • Access up-to-date environments
  • Access open-source environments
  • Over 100 out of box connectors

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So, AutomationEdge’s RPAaaS model is all set to bring about a massive revolution across the IT industry by delivering:

  • Unimaginable flexibility through the pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Quickest ROI realization ever
  • Fastest turn-around across the entire industry
  • Infinite scalability in the cloud-based deployment
  • Self-reliance by enabling easy deployment without the IT support
  • Robust security infrastructure

The RPAaaS pricing model can actually be claimed to be tailor-made as per the requirements of such smaller IT vendors. And that’s the beauty of the RPAaaS innovation – it fits perfectly across the industry-wide RPA requirement, regardless of the peculiarity of their demand.

So, for all the small IT vendors dreaming of living their RPA mission, they can now start their long-awaited journey with AutomationEdge’s RPAaaS model!

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