The ongoing pandemic has compelled businesses to go hyper-digital and adopt emerging technologies to lead or stay in the race. With business transformation, more and more manual and repetitive tasks can be automated using technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), etc. RPA is popular across industries and adopted to enhance business efficiency. There is hardly any business process that is untouched by the implementation of RPA, in shared service operations and call center is one of them.

In the wake of the pandemic, call center leaders are revitalizing their operational strategy. A standard call center is choked with repetitive and dual tasks that are necessary but, in some instances, hardly require human intervention. Moreover, the call center has become a frontline worker for public health officials in the new normal. This being the reason, digital innovation leaders are sharing knowledge and reimagining their operations like never before.

As per Gartner’s prediction, “40% of customer service organizations will become profit center by becoming de-facto leaders in customer service engagement by 2025.”

While 34% of consumers are concerned that AI will replace their jobs, on the other hand, 29% of consumers hardly mind if the call service agent is human or an AI bot.

Generally, a contact center is endowed with full of repetitive and mundane tasks such as collecting information from multiple resources, resolving customers’ queries, and addressing customers in a short turnaround time. But in the recent era, a higher level of intelligent automation and new technologies must be adopted to enable the call center employees to cope with crushing call volume, increased complexity, and heightened anxiety.

By using intelligent automation in call center operations, organizations can recover and reimagine the call center workforce in a new and efficient way to deliver a seamless, hassle-free customer experience. Attended RPA is an automated process that can be launched by call center agents as a part of their daily workflow. This automated process can ease the burden and empower the call center workforce to attend queries from home or onsite configuration spaces.

Here are proven RPA use cases in the call center –

Here are proven RPA use cases in the call center

  • Password Manager Bot
    Call center agents often log in to multiple applications several times during the day. From inevitable lost password situations to session timeout, call center agents often go through the never-ending query processing time and frustration. This eventually results in a large volume of reset password requests to IT service desks.
    Moreover, managing an ever-changing increased complex set of passwords, usernames across multiple platforms is another nightmare that comes with an increased client base. But RPA enabled password manager bot can reduce the log-in friction with a single secure log-in, store credentials in an encrypted format compliant with data security, and put an end to AHT.
  • Agent Workflow Bot
    In the heavy cognitive workload, call center agents often use all kinds of shortcuts like calculators, spreadsheets, and macros to process information across multiple systems. With the adoption of RPA bots, call center leaders can automate simple and decision-based workflow to cut out the stress of employees. Besides, this automated workflow can be followed without any excessive training and onboarding.
  • Launch in Context Bot
    If you are asked the same question, again and again, you would get annoyed for sure, same is the situation with call center agents. Working on more than 20 systems and copy-pasting the same information constantly is an annoying and erroneous task. And maintaining seamless conversation puts stress on the call center agent. By employing a smart notepad powered by RPA, can easily track the customer-specific information, and process it to the new system automatically. This automated process reduces the constant need for copy-paste to deliver a better customer experience.
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  • Knowledge Bot
    Multiple organizations have a varied range of content. And with a large amount of content comes the struggle of sharing accurate information. The call center agent spends a large amount of time hunting the information the customer is looking for. In such a scenario, RPA attended bots can track the ongoing conversation and provide the right information needed at a time. That’s how by providing real-time agent assistance bots, call center leaders can accelerate their customer experience.
  • Real-Time Bot
    In-call center operations, every agent has their way to solve customer problems. Call center agents can leverage the benefit of guided workflow but what if an agent gets wrong what customers ask for. Having a bot to monitor the real-time activity of call center agents can enable them to provide the best customer service. By using speech analytics, an NLP-enabled bot offers invaluable guidance to the agent.
  • Health Check Bot
    While delivering quality customer service, many aspects can affect the quality of customer services such as device service error, network interface, and system warning from local and remote service. An RPA bot in the background can check the network quality and another element of the work environment. Besides, it can log the interaction that is required by call center personnel from time to time. By working as a background coach, a health check bot ensures that frontline staff and digital leaders have the right tools and techniques to offer a seamless customer experience.
  • After Workflow Bot
    Once an interaction ends between the call center agent and the customer, there are many processes to follow up with. Only chat and call transcription are not enough to prioritize the level of importance. Having a bot that can summarise the key details and reduce the requirement of manual summaries after workflow and create follow-up automatically can be a big boost for the call center agent.
  • Autonomous Bot
    Having a bot that can go beyond typical and simplified process mining enables call center agents to offer a better customer experience. Call center agents use a wide range of tools like clickstream, speech stream, and screens, and how agents can use them to provide personalized customers can be achieved by incorporating intelligence. By using machine learning, bots can handle documentation, job tools, and manual work in the backend and equip agents to understand the customer requirements and provide a personalized customer experience.

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Maximize Workforce Management with Cognitive RPA

Strategies and approaches that could boost your workforce management must be accepted. In modern workforce management, call center agents face several challenges, and to overcome the same, having a guided coach can be a revolutionary step towards digital transformation. RPA enabled with cognitive technologies can become an uncritical detached observer to guide on every step of service operation.

An upgraded desktop powered by AI and RPA can take the stress off from call center agents. So, would you like to have one such tool? Higher rates of call resolution, reduced turnaround time, and personalized customer experience are just some of the outcomes of RPA in call center operations. RPA in call centers offers employees increased job satisfaction with more concentration on an empathetic conversation with customers instead of menial and mindless tasks.

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