Organizations expect more productivity and efficiency for a profitable business. They start outsourcing their services to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to maintain quality and reduce costs. To stay competitive, MSPs have to offer innovative services to their customers.

MSPs face a challenge in getting more work done with limited resources. How can they scale to provide innovative services in the digital business of their customers provide customer satisfaction and maximize the profit? It’s simple – with AI-Powered Automation.

With AI-Powered Automation, one can automate the services with no or partial human intervention. That can help provide quality service within a defined time. The MSP’s provide services to many customers in parallel by leveraging AI-powered automation tools.

As Gartner mentioned in one of their reports, by 2023, two-thirds of global infrastructure managed service providers will gain at least 50% of their revenue through managing the digital touch point environments of their clients.

The solution for MSPs should design in a multi-tenant environment. The tool should have specialization in IT automation, Hyperautomation, ITPA for MSPs and service orchestration with support for technologies like RPA, iPaaS, deep connectors for IT systems including service desk systems, NLP, ML, etc

5 Ways AI-Powered Automation Increases Profitability of MSPs

AI and automation for Managed service providers (MSPs)

  1. Meeting Service Level Agreements.
    MSPs have to meet SLA’s to improve the customer experience. Customers get satisfied if they get service within a defined time. Meeting SLA’s will help in getting repeat business.
    Auto-assignment and auto-routing of the ticket can help to assign the tickets quickly to the right person that can provide a quick solution. Also automating, IT processes after receiving the alert for server down or network down by monitoring tools can help to take faster actions towards full resolution or partial resolution.
  2. Reducing Operating Costs.
    AI-powered automation helps to automate the processes without any human intervention in many of the cases it results in cost saving. Also, it reduces human errors, and work can perform with less staff. A Human can work on the more critical task rather than working repetitive routine tasks. Many L1 level tasks include handling queries, service requests, and incidents that can be managed by AI-powered automation.

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  3. Performance Optimization.
    When MSPs are increasing their business by providing services to multiple customers, they need to handle their higher workload but, it should provide a quality service to keep their customers satisfied.
  4. Saving Time.
    Time is a vital factor especially, when it comes up to scaling your business. Automating lakhs of mundane routine IT tasks daily that helps MSPs save time, and their staff can focus on more critical tasks like planning and analysis.
  5. Retaining Customers.
    As mentioned in the first point customer experience is an important factor in retaining the customer. What can MSPs do to retain their customers?

    MSPs should leverage automation and must be proactive with the services they provide to their customers. They should adopt AI-powered automation that understands the language of IT and can provide quick resolution with partial or no human intervention.

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