How does Generative AI Transform RPA?

Over the past five years, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has changed a lot. It started with basic tasks on our computers, and now it's a crucial part of how companies manage their work behind the scenes. And guess what? There's something new and exciting happening now – Generative AI is joining [...]

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Transforming HR Functions with Robotic Process Automation

The HR process has always posed a significant drain on time and resources within organizations. As companies experience rapid growth, particularly beyond the initial breakthrough phase, aligning with this progress becomes a formidable task. This challenge is particularly pronounced for HR teams. However, a promising avenue toward cultivating a more engaging [...]

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How can Automation Improve the Loan Origination Process?

In the past, the loan origination process was known for its complexity and lengthy procedures, posing challenges for both lenders and borrowers in the commercial sector. However, with technological advancements in recent times, there has been a transformative shift towards digitization, leading to significant improvements in the lending industry. This digitization [...]

What is the Medicare Payment Process Automation in Healthcare?

In the healthcare industry providing valuable patient care requires constant management of multiple healthcare processes. Healthcare agents have to shuffle from one process to another like a running clock. To make sure every process is running on time, healthcare providers need constant manual effort, time, and speed. However, manually making sure [...]

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Top 7 Use Cases of Generative AI in Banking and Financial Industry

The inception of online banking has revolutionized customer access to accounts and transactions through personal computers and smart devices. Subsequently, mobile banking emerged in the 2000s, empowering customers to conduct transactions conveniently on their smartphones. In today's banking industry, diverse forms of AI, notably machine learning (ML), play a pivotal role [...]

How Intelligent Document Processing Helps in Insurance Claims Processing?

Approximately 97% of the data handled by the insurance industry is unstructured, and the most valuable information lies within the adjuster's notes, comprising unique words, acronyms, and abbreviations. Surprisingly, insurance firms utilize less than 3% of this data for decision-making, a revelation that highlights the untapped potential in this sector. Intelligent document [...]

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Top 10 Hyperautomation Use Cases and Examples in 2023

The worldwide adoption of automation technology is just increasing with every passing year. We all have seen the impact of RPA in banking, healthcare, IT, insurance, and many other industries so far. Right from customer onboarding to KYC, RPA has been able to do it all for enterprises. But now enterprises [...]

Intelligent Automation Technologies to Have the Most Impact on Digital Businesses in 2023

With the rising competition in the market, enterprises today no longer want to limit their abilities to traditional automation. In the latest technology trend, organizations are looking for intelligent automation tools to solve business challenges and increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy that offer multiple benefits to the organization. CIOs and IT [...]

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Accelerating Revenue Cycle Management with AI-Powered Automation

In the realm of healthcare, revenue cycle management (RCM) encompasses the comprehensive process that providers, such as hospitals and healthcare systems, undertake to monitor and capture revenue associated with patient interactions. Commencing as early as when a patient schedules an appointment, the RCM healthcare workflow unfolds through various stages, including payer communications, [...]

Role of Automation in IT Compliance Management

Compliance in IT refers to the adherence to specific guidelines and regulations that ensure the security and integrity of an organization's processes, data, digital communication, and infrastructure. These compliance standards are established by regulatory bodies and outline the rules that organizations must follow to avoid violations. When it comes to infrastructure, [...]

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