Top 7 use cases for Intelligent Document Processing

Growing market competition, ever-evolved customer expectations, and compliance pressures have paved the way for automation across all industries. As enterprises are moving towards digital with the advent of innovative technologies like RPA, and intelligent automation, documents are everywhere. Business data is the heart of digital transformation, but unfortunately, 80% of data [...]

Transform Customer Experience with Contact Center Automation

In the aftermath of COVID-19 businesses are struggling to improve their customer experiences as the first point of contact is the hardest hit. From healthcare to banking industries, email, calls, and chats came pouring in as people around the world scrambled for information. Additionally, contact volume in both public and private [...]

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Conversational AI to Transform the Fintech Industry

The fintech industry has seen a drastic change in its service operations due to less employee productivity, increased online fraud, and enhanced risk assessments. And with rising competition in the market, the BFSI industry no longer wants to limit abilities to traditional automation. Hence, the necessity to adopt conversational technology and [...]

Top 8 RPA Use Cases for Work-from-Home Call Center

The ongoing pandemic has compelled businesses to go hyper-digital and adopt emerging technologies to lead or stay in the race. With business transformation, more and more manual and repetitive tasks can be automated using technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), [...]

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AADHAAR Card Masking Made Easy with Intelligent Document Processing

Ever since the government has introduced the AADHAAR card as a unique identification number, it is considered an important document for the proof of identification for all citizens. Its regulations are governed by UIDAI, this 12-digit unique AADHAAR number is used by citizens to avail many government schemes and use it [...]

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How Hyperautomation Integration with Mainframe Delivers Transformational Growth

With the increasing trend of automation, many businesses and organizations are reluctant to implement this technology. The power of this word “hyper-automation” is so great that Gartner has named it as one of the top 10 technological trends in 2020. This article contains the details of a webinar presented by Siva Juturi, [...]

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Using Intelligent Automation to Transform and Supercharge Shared Service Operations

With the increasing trends of technology, Robotic Process Automation ( RPA) has spread like a new wave across businesses and support services. While the possibility for RPA is endless but it’s not quite easy to implement new technology with a solution-driven approach. In this article, we are going to talk about [...]

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Automating the Enterprise in New Normal

This article contains an excerpt from the webinar that was presented by Sherman L Antonio from FirstData Corp and Uday Birajdar from AutomationEdge. It emphasized the requirement of automation across small and large enterprises. They also presented how to do Statement of Account Automation. Described how AutomationEdge is a single platform [...]

AI-Based Insights to Create a Fluid IT Environment

Despite the global impact of COVID-19, 47% of artificial intelligence (AI) investments were unchanged since the start of the pandemic and 30% of organizations actually planned to increase such investments, according to a Gartner poll. AI has reformed the IT department’s legacy ways of operations by allowing employees to take critical [...]

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How CIOs are Turning Pandemic into an Opportunity?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the pace and scale of digital transformation has accelerated at an unprecedented rate. As enterprises are moving towards adopting new technologies, the role of CIOs is getting even more prominent across diverse industries. There is urgency for them to drive all digitization initiatives to bolster [...]