Exploring RPA in Healthcare: Use Cases & Benefits in 2023

Provide an Enhanced Patient Experience with Intelligent Automation So you want to enhance the healthcare process efficiency and create a better workplace experience but adapting to the change is challenging. It's time to wipe out those challenges by embracing RPA in the healthcare process and reimagining the patient care experience. [...]

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How does Automating KYC Process with RPA Accelerate Account Opening Process?

Banking and financial institutions all across the world offer a lot of financial products, including consumer loans, credit cards, debit cards, and saving accounts. Before leveraging any of the products offered by a banking institution, a user or customer has to open an account. And in the banking institution, opening a [...]

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10 Best Use Cases to Automate using RPA in 2023

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a system that allows businesses to automate processes and tasks that are typically carried out by employees. This system can work across different applications, platforms, and departments. RPA integrates well with the existing IT infrastructure and doesn’t require any additional installations. Companies don’t have to invest [...]

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RPA Case Study in Banking – Success Stories from AutomationEdge

Since the inception of technological advancement, the banking and finance industry has been growing rapidly and providing faster, more reliable, and more efficient service to their customers. But to remain in the competition and for significant growth in the ever-emerging market, banking firms have to find better-driven solutions. This article will [...]

Healthcare Automation Success Story that Led to an 80% Reduction in Manual Work with AutomationEdge’s RPA

Post-pandemic healthcare organizations have been adopting automation technologies to accelerate the healthcare life cycle right from patient scheduling to claims initiation. And why not? Because whether it is patients or healthcare professionals, in the digital-driven era, convenience and ease of use is the foremost priority. But, what are new healthcare trends [...]

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Solving Challenges in Patient Data Interoperability in EHR and Healthcare Systems

Electronic Health Records(EHRs) have revolutionized the healthcare process and emerged as a preferred solution to improve patient care. Moreover, the ubiquitous adoption of EHR over the last few years has become an integral part of the healthcare delivery system. This is the reason, nearly all healthcare enterprises big and small have [...]

Why Should Healthcare Providers Choose Automated Patient scheduling?

The Covid-19 outbreak has magnified some of the patient scheduling challenges in healthcare delivery systems such as Electronic Health Records(EHR), long wait times, delayed patient appointments, overworked frontline staff, and lack of skilled labor. And patient scheduling is one of the key challenges that is still prevailing in the healthcare industry. Also, [...]

The Consternations Related to RPA Implications in Healthcare

We all have heard about the brighter side of RPA and its consumption to help healthcare organizations achieve better operational efficiency, provide 100% ROI and improve employee percept and also assist in scaling up business operations in a short span of time. Typically organizations implement any new process/technology either by using [...]

Automation and AI to Fast-Track Patient Care Management

From rapid diagnosis to robot-assisted surgeries, the transformation of automation and AI in healthcare is fast-tracking patient care by minimizing human interventions. Artificial intelligence eases the lives of patients, doctors, Payers, and hospital administrators by executing tasks that were typically done by humans manually but in less time and at a [...]